Is the BBC impartial on Jeremy Corbyn?

Momentum has got it bang to rights on this one. We urge people to add their names to this letter to the BBC for breaching its own impartiality guidelines by employing former Sun Journalist John Ware, a man who has publicly attacked Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour left repeatedly, to direct tonight’s Panorama documentary.

Tonight’s Panorama on Labour and anti-semitism claims to be a fair and objective look at the situation in Labour. But the evidence suggests that it’s going to be another anti-Corbyn hatchet job 👇

Sign the open letter and demand an explanation from the BBC 👇

Add your name – no more Panorama bias

As a public broadcaster the BBC has a duty to be impartial. Yet it has employed the former Sun journalist and Corbyn critic John Ware to direct tonight’s documentary. His greatest hits include:

  • The widely criticised 2015 Panorama documentary that made false claims about Jeremy Corbyn.
  • A documentary described by the Muslim Council of Britain as “an anti-muslim witch hunt” and in the Guardian as “McCarthyite”.
  • Another documentary about British muslims that the BBC had to apologise for and pay compensation.
  • A film about the ‘hard left’ running local schools which was criticised in the BBCs own magazine for abandoning “any attempt at a reasoned, detached, analytic or investigative programme”.

It’s clear John Ware has an anti-Labour agenda and he should not have been employed to direct a ‘fair and impartial’ documentary about Labour.

But together, we can defend Jeremy and put pressure on the BBC. Sign the open letter here and make sure you tune in and watch the programme tonight at 9pm.

In solidarity,

Team Momentum

Here is the text of the open letter

Dear Tony Hall (Director General of the BBC),

Tonight, the BBC will air what they claim is a fair and impartial documentary about anti-semitism and the Labour Party. However all of the evidence so far points to the documentary being a biased hatchet job.

The BBC chose to employ the former Sun Journalist John Ware, a man who has publicly attacked Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour left repeatedly, to direct the documentary.

This is the man who was also behind the 2015 Panorama documentary which attracted widespread criticism for making false claims about Jeremy Corbyn and excluded an entire interview with Diane Abbott because, in her words, it didn’t fit the narrative.

Ware also directed a documentary described by the Muslim Council of Britain as “an anti-Muslim witch hunt” and The Guardian as “McCarthyite”. In another documentary, he falsely implied the head of a pro-Palestinian charity was using it as a front for terrorism and the BBC was forced to pay damages to the individual and publicly apologise on Ware’s behalf.

In fact, Ware has a long track-record of opposition to the left in Labour. In the 1980s he presented a documentary on a Labour council accusing the “hard left” of taking over local schools, which at the time was criticised in the BBCs own magazine for abandoning “any attempt at a reasoned, detached, analytic or investigative programme”.

It is clear John Ware cannot be trusted to direct a “fair and impartial” documentary on Labour and Jeremy Corbyn. Already, there are reports that the majority of interviewees in tonight’s documentary are ex-Labour staffers – the very people who purged thousands of Labour members to stop them voting for Jeremy, resisted implementing Shami Chakrabarti’s recommendations and may have delayed action on antisemitism to undermine Jeremy’s leadership.

They have no credibility on this subject and have a clear political agenda against Jeremy Corbyn.

The BBC guidelines state that “impartiality lies at the heart of public service and is the core of the BBC’s commitment to its audiences.” It is obvious that employing a man with an anti-Labour agenda to direct a documentary about Labour is in breach of these guidelines.

We are writing to you to demand an explanation as to why John Ware was hired, and that you hold a review into how documentary content about Labour is produced, ensuring that future documentaries adhere to BBC guidelines as well as basic journalistic standards.

Comments (103)

  • Bob McGill says:

    The BBC is loosing the last remnants of its impartiality. The more people I talk to the more I realise it is not just a view held by me. Sad but true, there are few if any real journalists left in the organisation.

  • Lee says:

    Using antisematism as a weapon to discredit people is wrong. It make the legitimate fight against antisematism and racism in general more difficult.

  • Dave thawley says:

    Thanks . It’s about time momentum spoke the truth like this instead of propagating the smear like they have in the past.

  • Robert wilson says:

    The total bias by the BBC is so blatent that it beggars belief. I can no longer sit idly by and watch this continue. I am organising a boycott the licence fee programme and have had 1845 people agree to it on its first day. Hopefully groups like momentum can help spread the worf

  • Annie Doubledee says:

    The BBC seem to have a real issue with impartiality. Which is the cornerstone of democracy…
    Many of our friends and colleagues will stop paying for our licence if some rebalance is not aired.

  • Marion Durkin says:

    The BBC is a Tory Mouthpiece. It shows time and time again that they are Anti Labour.

  • Sue says:

    Would like all investigations to be shown we’re he gets his evidence and I do not mean word of mouth

  • Pat McGuirk says:

    The BBC has become a totally biased company only interested in maintaining the neoliberal status quo. That’s why I no longer watch it and I will not watch any live streamed programmes. I refuse to give a license fee to this Tory company.

  • Paul says:

    I Agree with this letter, the BBC has a responsibility to all licence payers and the wider public to ensure all programming is impartial and balance.

  • Johnny Patterson says:

    This is pure gutter BBC “journalism”….


    I have come to totally mistrust the BBC news output and prefer to get my information from independent sources.

  • Gordon White says:

    BBC now riddled with Conservative and establishment appointees. It’s news and current affairs coverage is shallow and partisan. This programme is
    no surprise.

  • Mary Thorpe says:

    The BBC are anti Corbyn and Labour, they are so very biased toward Corbyn in particular, that if a tree fell down in an empty wood , they would blame Corbyn………………………………….In fact so biased against Corbyn are the BBC, that they have on numerous occasions , blamed him for the Bretix shambles…They have vilified him over the Antisemitism, but not one word do they say about the Islamophobic and racism that is very much alive in the Tory Party…….. All of teh devastation this shameful Tory party have created i the misery they have in the past 9 years, nothing , said about that, but hey , we will vilify Corbyn.. What is even worse is that ‘we’ the Licence payer , are paying them to have huge wages , and vilify the most decent man in politics Jeremy Corbyn,, Shameful, shocking BBC bias

  • Mary Thorpe says:

    I agree with very word about how biased the BBC are toward Jeremy Corbyn…. If a tree fell down in a wood with nobody there , the BBC would blame Corbyn….. The only decent man in politics and teh vilify him… Shameful, shocking , biased BBC and we are paying their huge wages .

  • Peter Mcdonald says:

    This will be a hatchet job from the start, it’s sole purpose is discredit Jeremy and the Labour Party.

  • Phil Horgan says:

    We need an impartial BBC. Since 2010 we have not had one. The people aren’t stupid, they can see what the BBC are up to with their anti Corbyn bias. There will be a reckoning when Mr Corbyn becomes PM.

  • different frank says:

    Is the BBC impartial on Jeremy Corbyn?

  • John Bartlett says:

    I think we all know by now that the BBC is a propaganda arm of the government.

  • Barbara Sturrock says:

    I think some of your interviewers are just not knowledgeable enough or are unaware of their own biases .The multifaceted subject of AS and the continuing ridiculous onslaught of one good man have not been handled well. The ability to see the bigger picture must be difficult in a day to day situation. But the people at the top either have an agenda or its too much for them also. Im fairly new to following politics but not to unfairness .eg You have often allowed guests on light journo programs to repeat propaganda statements over n over . Plus Ms Kuenssberg OMG ..I stopped watching..felt vitriolic and imbalanced. Im just so disappointed in the Beebs British political reporting. Food banks, benefit Deaths ,Working poor- and all we get is the latest smear of the opposition leader without seemingly due diligence being carried out . Something is wrong when the opposition leader of a CONSENSUS party is so ridiculed . While the elitist government have and are doing so much wrong. All people have some biases but money and power are more likely to be the driving force for devision …..Who is behind it ? Please redress your lack of impartiality .

  • Ewan Carmichael says:

    I used to check with the BBC IF I read something on the internet to see if it was true. These days I check on the internet to see if what’s said on the BBC is true.

  • Carole Alexander says:

    I have already complained several times to the BBC about it’s biased reporting on antISemitism in Labour and received unsatisfactory responses. The BBC often gives a platform to Margaret Hodge, Tom Watson, the Jewish Labour Movement (of which Margaret Hodge is a prominent member) and the Campaign Against AntiSemitism, all of whom are opposed to Jeremy Corbyn and allege that antiSemitism is rampant in the Labour Party but do not give a platform on the main news channels to the Jewish Voice for Labour and the many others who believe that many of these claims are false. In the recent controversy over the suspension of Chris Williamson, not only was He misquoted but the general public were given no idea as to the widespread support he received or that almost 28k people had signed a petition of no confidence in Tom Watson who had sent out a letter to every Labour MP asking them to complain about Williamson’s reinstatement. The BBC appears to have decided its position on the basis of anecdotal evidence from only one side of the debate.

    I was not filled with confidence that to tonight’s Panorama programme would be impartial and evidence based when I learned that John Ware, described in a Guardian article in 2006 as “a notorious pro-Israeli Islamophobe” was to be the reporter. I expect the highest standard from the BBC and on most other subjects I usually get it. Monday’s Panorama on No Deal Brexit: Are We Ready? I hope the BBC will address its failings when it comes to reporting on Jeremy Corbyn and antiSemitism in the Labour Party.

  • Peter says:

    An absolute disgrace, we Demand a right of reply, if the BBC really believes in its own guidelines of impartiality then another documentary must be made in order to counter any accusation of Anti semitism in our party or your own guidelines are a joke.

  • Gary Jakings says:

    The way the BBC is used by the right wing propaganda machine is disgraceful.

  • Alastair Smith says:

    I totally agree with the letter above. While harping on about anti semitism in the labour party in the main stream media there is a lot of hot air and NO evidence being presented

  • Peter says:

    Where is the unbiased reporting on the atrocities and crimes of the Tory party….DWP and austerity and the war on the homeless and the hatchet job on on religious intolerance when the Tories have repeatedly supported islamaphobia…to name but a few…..shameful. I travel internationally and used to be proud of the quality of the bbc. Sad times indeed! I am hoping this is a fair program but not optimistic at all.

  • Alan Spence says:

    When was the last time you heard a positive story about Corbyn on BBC television or radio? When? Hasn’t been one.

    If the BBC is so keen to stop A/S, why has it failed to put pressure on the Tories to hold an internal investigation into racism, A/S and now A/M. It was Corbyn who instigated the Chakrabarti Report and now, three years on, not a peep out of the Fake Maggie!!

    Given the appalling treatment of the Windrush Children and the the growing concerns of Tory Muslims, are they getting off ‘Scot – free’

    No chance of a “We are British Muslims documentary” any time soon. Utter hypocrisy!!!

  • Susan Mellor says:

    The BBC needs to change and stop all this bias towards Jeremy Corbyn….. If they have proof of Antisemitism, they need to prove it….. Not just repeating Blairite members of the Labour party – They know who they are!!! I don’t believe anything from the Beeb anymore…

  • Lynn Hay says:

    Gone are the days when I used to extol the virtues of the BBC and defend the corporation in the face of any criticism. I no longer believe it to have any virtues and the criticism I hear, I consider to be justified.

  • Tracy Marchant says:

    Accusing the BBC of bias let’s The Corporation off the hook to lightly. They’ve proved time and again to be the Tories propaganda tool and mouthpiece for our corrupt government.

  • Anne Belworthy says:

    I despair of what the BBC has become.

  • Catherine Hutchinson says:

    Completely agree. John Ware’s 2015 hatchet job on Corbyn was propaganda pure and simple. Why must we have more propaganda?

  • Iris Johnston says:

    The BBC has been respected all over the world previously but more and more the obvious attacks on the Labour Party are destroying its reputation for impartiality and fair reporting.

  • Ken says:

    Dear BBC you have a duty to be fair, however you have broken that trust. And just deliver day by day all the conservative propaganda you can lay your dirty hands on. You have taken the TV licence away from pensioners and given very large increases to overly inept actors. We the people must put you unpricibuled people out of you jobs as soon as posibul. You are as greedy as your conservative paymasters. I detest your boses for the disgusting people you are.

  • Jean Jones says:


  • Paul obrien says:

    Its for this reason why i refuse to watch any political debate on any BBC political programme, to be so aggressively biased without any shame whatsoever is astounding.
    Unfortunately i have paid my yearly licence fee but i can assure you i wont be getting another one in its current shamefully biased state.

  • Dennis nichols says:

    This man cant be fair with his views.

  • Janet Bain-Littlefair says:

    I expect that if there is going to be a programme about the Labour Party and anti-semitism, or any subject, that it be fair and balanced, and from what John Ware has done in the past, and the amount of times he’s had to rebuke his previous views/opinions/accusations, I feel that the BBC is spitting out anti-Labour/Corbyn bias, and this should go against what the ethos of the BBC should be. I hope that I am proved wrong after I watch it this evening. Thanks.

  • Ken Keable says:

    The trailers about tonight’s programme clearly show that it will be a hatchet job on the Labour Party. I fully expect it to continue confusing antisemitism with anti-Zionism.

  • Neville Harrison says:

    I am outraged !. The biased broadcasting Co. BBC. have since the time of Jeremy Corbyn’s democratic election as Labour leader, spit out vitriol on an almost daily basis, with deliberate attempts by Kuenesberg, and other Tory loving commentators, to undermine his leadership, and demonise him. They have attacked Jeremy without proof or foundation, yet consistantly praise the worst government in history, totally ignoring their numerous attrocious, inhuman attacks on the disabled and poorest members of Society. I thoroughly believe there is a deliberate conspiracy at work to assist in the removal of Corbyn, to allow the continuation of the Thatcherite policies, of inequality, cruelty, greed and complete dis-regard for any other element of Society, save the richest minority. I am fully aware that the leader of program political content is screwed to favour the Tories. One person in charge of political direction of programs, is a relative of Cameron, whilst others, are ex- tories, for example the person who chooses audiences for Question time. The result of this bias ensures that there is a constant parade of biased participants with an anti Corbyn agenda, mainly Blairites. Your latest choice of director John Ware, who is from the rag “the Sun” newspaper, is obviously anti Corbyn, as is his paymaster Rupert Murdoch.

  • Patrick Glenn says:

    You have betrayed your duty to be impartial on this and other subjects.
    Shame on you.

  • Prof. Nira Yuval-Davis says:

    I fully support the letter. This documentary is just one of many of the BBC misconstructions of antisemitism, Corbyn and Labour.

  • Martin Webster says:

    Very biased

  • Liberty says:

    I am absolutely SICKENED and REVOLTED by the horrific hatchet job by the BBC on our great socialist party and it’s leader. It led with its smear story on its bulletins and was promoting the gutter dwelling pathetic panorama and even their newsreader looked embarrassed having to read the made up cobblers. The Gen SecretaryJenny Formby sent some emails and Jeremy was copied into them and they interviewed some miserable looking disgruntled ex employees who said basically in their nasty little minds everyone in Labour is racist withouting having any evidence. They didn’t even mention that Jackie Walker is JEWISH when they attacked Jackie for being a RACIST. Don’t let the facts get in the way of the story you BBC idiots. BTW where is the story about making poor pensioners pay for your ridiculous billions of pounds license fee. WHY CAN’T THEY MAKE TV’S WITHOUT THE BBC ON THEM? BOYCOTT THE BLOODY BIASED CLOWNS

  • S H says:

    THE BBC SHOULD BE BLOODY ASHAMED AT AIRING THIS SICK SMEAR SHOW AGAINST OUR PARTY. Well done all at JVL for protecting us during this insane witch hunt phase in our history. These are very dark and dangerous times for all of us from ethnic minorities, different religions, genders, anti austerity, socialists , justice and peace campaigners. Stay strong comrades during these troubled times and attacks by the Israeli apartheid regime appeasers who are throwing everything plus the kitchen sink at us. We will just throw it back at them and toss the TRUTH too so they actually know what it looks like. Boycott the BBC and it’s stupid licence fee too. I never watch the bloody rubbish.

  • Elizabeth Smith says:

    I fully agree with this letter. It is so important to have balanced investigations and non-biased journalism. There is so much information being fed to us by the media in many forms it is hard to know who to trust.

  • Steven barber says:

    Shameful from bbc
    And not honest

  • Jim McNeill says:

    First, bring down Corbyn…then start a war with Iraq 🙁

  • Andrew McKay says:

    The BBC has negated any right to be funded by the tax payer. They are corrupt and biased. No more that a propaganda arm of the tory party

  • Reg Lewis says:

    Over the last few years I have come to realise that the BBC have an agenda of reporting news (with regards to the political issues of the Uk and Jeremy Corbyn in particular) that is distinctly anti Corbyn and pro the conservative narrative and which is undoubtedly biased against the governments opposition when it should be reporting the news in an unbiased and fair manner. I personally am disgusted and disappointed in the reporting of the BBC with their one-sided stance and stopped watching BBC news as well as several of their other programs in protest. I will continue with my small protest and continue to air my views on social media as I encourage others to do likewise. Furthermore, I feel that the lisence fee that I pay into a company that is meant to be neutral in its delivery of the service that I pay for is in breach of its commitment to the people that are responsible for its very existence.

  • Mary Fahey says:

    It’s an absolute disgrace and SUCH a disappointment the way the BBC has become the mouthpiece of the Conservative party and right wing media pundits. It needs overhauling and democratising which is what JC and the Labour Party intend to achieve. That’s why the hostility and rampant bias roll on JC4PM

  • Robin Horan says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments expressed in this letter/email.

  • Sandra King says:

    Have watched this programme and am totally and utterly disgusted at the BBC. They are openly biased against Jeremy Corbyn, they should never be allowed to get away with this. They have said that some Palestinian supporters have become racist against the Jews – what utter Trollop! This has made me totally hate this reporter and the BBC . Get your act together BBC and stop this targeting of Jeremy Corbyn. Maybe you could now investigate The Tory party and their very obvious Islamaphobia!!!

  • June Pope says:

    Why allow the editor of the disgraced Sun newspaper to have such a role on your flagship news documentary programme. I don’t watch Question Time because of the bias from the chairperson, Panorama is now on my do not watch list from the BBC.

  • Rodney Nicholls says:

    Very dangerous when the BBC allows this sort of blatant propaganda

  • Alison Pring says:

    Tonight the BBC used it’s power to brainwash the nation with it’s biased reporting. It needs to take some of the blame for the mood in this country, the undercurrent of anger, racism and division. Oh how the mighty have fallen and we can see through your political cowardly bias, stand up to those who are bullying you and speak the truth as trusted journalists.

  • Mary Arigho says:

    Appalling put up job that failed to even mention well-known Jewish names who are supporters of Corbyn. There was no context to the unknown young people interviewed -who knows what axes they have to grind? No balance at all. It felt wrong all the way through.

  • Mary Davies says:

    Brilliant, informative, factual letter.

  • Colin Medley says:

    I believe tonights extremley biased program on antiseminism in the labour party puts shame on the BBC and am formly complaining and need an open appolegy

  • Ruth Cameron says:

    It is becoming ever more difficult and upsetting to hear and see how the BBC supports and promotes the neo liberal status quo with pseudo objectivity that is actually anti JC and socialism.

  • Elaine Mills says:

    This certainly was not an impartial programme. I’m very disappointed in Panorama and the BBC!

  • Reg Lewis says:

    It has become apparent to me over the past few years, that the BBC have cultivated a specific agenda with regards to reporting the ‘political news’ in the UK, and in particular when reporting on the Labour Party and it’s leader Jeremy Corbyn. The BBC is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, anti Jeremy Corbyn, while being pro the Conservative party. It is distinctly ‘against ‘ Her Magesty’s opposition party while favouring this conservative government who have, time and time again, caused hardship and suffering towards it’s less fortunate UK citizens. The reporting of the news, which is funded by the lisence fee that we all pay, should be unbiased and fair. It is anything but.
    Personally I am disgusted and disappointed with this one-sided form of reporting that has now become so commonplace in the BBC, that I have decided to stop watching most of it’s programs, the NEWS in particular. I will continue with my small protest while continuing to air my views on social media about this affront by the BBC and encourage others to do likewise. The BBC is in breach of it’s remit and responsibility to the people of this country, the people who are responsible for it’s continued existence and the people it is there to serve in a fair and unbiased way.

  • oneill meredith says:


  • George.solomou says:

    Bias report

  • Donald says:

    I don’t think JC should have shared the platform with that man shouting for “Jihad”; he reminded me very much of those speeches by Hitler. Bad company Jeremy!

  • Rachel Edge says:

    Statistically Biased Reporting from the BBC. Unfair representation of the Population.

  • David Armstrong says:

    The BBC under your stewardship has lost all integrity honesty and impartiality you have become the states propaganda outlet and you only employ lying gutter journalists and Tory party members

  • Mark Prowen says:

    I am concerned that one of the people shown in Panorama was also previously filmed sitting with Joan Ryan MP who was discussing a £1M bribe with an Israeli Embassy employee.

  • isobel mcmillan says:

    It was a sick making, unsubstantiated low level ‘journalism’ with the nasty objective of undermining the Corbyn project. Unfortunately, I don’t expect much better from the BBC these days.

  • peter coshall says:

    Disgusted that my licence fee is being used to finance pro Conservative pro Zionist propaganda directed by a person of proven political bias !

  • Roger Kindell says:

    This programme was biased, factually inaccurate and politically motivated in the possible run-up to a General Election. The Reporter John Ware is a journalist who is known to be anti-Corbyn and anti-Labour and has a history of negative reporting around Islamaphobia. All involved in this production should be challenged about their intentions.

  • Ed Hulse says:

    I am VERY worried by this. The whole timing is being orchestrated with the very high liklihood of a GE before very long.
    I am NOT a member of the Labour Party but have been minded to because of the clear political integrity that he maintains compared to the majority of our politicians.
    I tuned in to see the evidence that this program might bring to bear because I’m still open minded – I want to see whether I am being manipulated in thinking that he is high principled.
    And yes – I am being manipulated. The BBC are doing the manipulating. I still can see no more than smear tactics and poorly reasoned re-hashing of what was mis-represented the first time around.
    But don’t be fooled into thinking that a lot of people won’t buy into this without seeing the bigger picture.
    I am 63 years old and have watched current affairs unfold since reading the papers I was delivering at age 10.
    I have never been so convinced that our political future is now frighteningly and imminently bleak.
    Where the Brexit slogan was “Taking Back Control” – I am convinced that in fact we the population of the UK have finally LOST control to the manipulators. I can’t see how we might ever get it back.

  • Edwina Taylor says:

    BBC should be axed. Not fit for purpose and plenty of other channels to watch, we need to be told the truth. Lies lies and more lies.

  • Isabel Cupido says:

    I did not watch this programme because I knwe it was just going to be another stick to hit the labour party and Jeremy Corbyn with…Ware should never have been allowed in by the BBC but there again with our rightwing media..what’s new!

  • Patrick Griffin says:

    Why should I pay a licence fee for this bised reporting, the BBC should take a good look at who they represent and its certainly is one eyed when it comes the left of the Labour party. Shame on John Ware for this programe.

  • John Davidson says:

    John Pilger stated that the myth of BBC impartiality is just that. A myth. He cited the coverage of the Miners Strike of 84/5 as evidence as nd also the coverage of the General Strike of 1926.

  • Marion Durkin says:

    Totally biased reporting with the aim of destroying the good name of a man who has always stood against any form of anti semitism or racism. Shame on the BBC using only biased interviews with people who undoubtedly had an axe to grind. Didn’t find those interviewed believable.

  • Robert Naether says:

    The BBC has totally lost it’s way , it has to be better then this

  • Heather Stip says:

    It would be a wonderful thing for our state broadcaster to be completely unbiased. Sadly, this is not the case when it comes to Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.

  • Shaun Hague says:

    I was sickened to the pit of my stomach by the Blatant bias of the Panorama programme. I have already written to the BBC complaints department to air my views on this exercise in defamation.

  • Janet Woods says:

    A completely biased programme with zero evidence to back up the claims.

  • Gerard Doherty says:

    Your attack on Jeremy Corbyn is disgusting. The BBC should be closed completely and you should be out ASAP.

  • David Brown says:

    It is time that a so called public broadcaster stop its blatent right wing propaganda. Our licence fee is basically a subscription to the Tory, Ukip and Brexit parties!

  • Annie says:

    The BBC are shameless as are all mainstream news channels.Clearlt Corbyn haters Objective my arse as Jim Royal might say no more license fee from me.I also wish Hodge had put as much energy into child protection when she was council leader as she does into her vitriol against Corbyn.

  • Paul Brooks says:

    This programme had no direct facts and could not back up the statements that were offered on it. It was not a balanced argument.


    ban this man from the BBC

  • Linda Harris says:

    I will never forget this act of bias by the BBC who have destroyed my trust in them

  • Michael Slater says:

    This was a poor programme, with very little, if anything, that could be called investigation and only half-hearted, pathetic attempts at balance. This was not the kind of journalism we should expect from the BBC. A sad day for all of us.

  • alnazir thobani says:

    Yes this is a witch-hunt against Corbyn and Labour Party.
    Why is nothing done about Islamaphobia in the Tory party!!

  • Austin Walsh says:

    Why is the BBC doing this ? The mind can’t help wondering . General election on the way but only if a safe result can be gauranteed . How many million watch panorama ?

  • Paul Goodhall says:

    I wonder if the Corbynistas who are calling BBC Journalist John Ware a “scum” are old enough to remember when he uncovered evidence that led the District Auditor and then the High Court to accuse The Conservative Leader of Westminster Council Dame Shirley Porter of “gerrymandering”, by attempting to rig the Westminster City Council’s elections. She was was found guilty of wilful misconduct and ordered to repay £36.1m

  • Paul Adamson says:

    An attempt to influence the outcome of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission inquiry

  • Sarah Barratt says:

    I will not buy another TV licence or watch TV until this bias against Labour ceases.

  • Tinka Gordon says:

    shockingly poor reportage – brutally biased and vulgar

  • Peter Coe says:

    This is nothing new, the BBC have form with their anti left bias. How many people remember the miner’s strike, when the state broadcaster, ‘ironically in 1984’, doctored the footage in order to make it appear that the miners, and not the police were the perpetrators of violence.

  • Mr Martin Gregory says:

    The BBC was once the shining bastion of journalism. You are currently dishonouring yourselves with the obvious bias shown to the leader on the opposition.

  • kay says:

    JC 4 PM together we stand divided we fall,

  • Lisa Morris says:

    Nearly 13 million people voted for Labour under Corbyn in 2017. Your biased reporting is insulting to us.

  • Malcolm Morris says:

    This programme suggests all Labour supporters of Corbyn are antisemetic. You are smearing my name.

  • Lorna Richardson says:

    There is a marked lack of investigative journalism in the programmes concerning anti-semitism in the Labour Party. The programme chose clips of people who have been shown to be misrepresenting their experiences. It consisted of hearsay, inuendo and downright bigotry. It became a vehicle to smear, without offering any insight. There was no balance in the programme. It could have been written by a totalitarian government as a piece of propaganda to discredit the opposition. The BBC is becoming a laughing stock. Has the BBC been taken over by the Tory Party?

  • alison webster says:

    He is innocent of all their claims,and we the voters know that.So your licence fee is now in the balance…no one wants lies and to be tricked into paying for it.

  • Vivien Geen says:

    People are growing wise regarding media manipulation.
    The BBC is blatantly using their corporation to promote the Tories and unashamedly doing their damndest to vilify Jeremy Corbyn.

  • John Davies says:

    An utterly disgraceful stitch up.

  • Gerry Sussman says:

    As a Jew, I am particularly disgusted by the efforts of people who are 100% in support of repressive Israeli policies to conjure up the false “anti-semitic” smear of Jeremy Corbyn simply because as a decent human being he has empathy and compassion for innocent Arab victims of Israeli aggression. It’s utterly appalling the lengths to which mindless defenders of Israel will go in the attempted confiscation of Jewish identity. And just as appalling that broad sectors of the British government are going along with this coup against democracy.

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