Is the BBC anti-Labour? asks Press Gang

PRESS GANG is an investigative website that exposes rogue  journalists.

The article below appeared on its webpage on 7th December.

We also reproduce the Contents and Introduction to Is the BBC anti-Labour? and a link to the full report

THE BROADCASTING regulator Ofcom has begun an investigation into the BBC Panorama programme Is Labour Anti-Semitic?

It’s received 17 complaints claiming the broadcast was biased against the Labour Party.

These are all that remain of the 1,593 complaints made in the days after the programme was shown on July 10.

The Corporation dismissed them all:

The BBC stands by its journalism and we completely reject any accusations of bias or dishonesty. 

Press Gang has asked Ofcom for permission to submit a complaint without going through the BBC complaints regime.

Our analysis finds the programme was rogue journalism:

— it broke the BBC’s editorial guidelines

— it broke Ofcom’s broadcasting code which is based on the 2003 Communications Act

— it was, therefore, unlawful.

Today Press Gang also starts a long series of articles exposing the deliberate and premeditated “bias and dishonesty” at the heart of this broadcast.

And work has begun to gather this material into a major report entitled Is The BBC AntiLabour?

Here’s the cover. Click on it to download the report. And click on the images of the Contents and Introduction pages below to enlarge them.


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  • James Bickerton says:

    Put bluntly, the BBC’s support for the Tories, and bias against Labour, are so obvious, they’re as plain as a pikestaff! “Question Time” is an example of this bias. Did the BBC really think WE wouldn’t notice? Or don’t they care? What a shame that a broadcasting corporation which earned a reputation for honest reporting should be reduced to a mere glove puppet manipulated by Tories!

  • John says:

    What is ironic is that this very day Boris Johnson has expressed doubt over the current and future funding arrangements of the BBC.
    There are two ways of looking at this.
    Firstly, the Tories are biting the hand that feeds them.
    Secondly – as with so many other privatisations – the present management at the BBC already knew this was coming and are looking forward to a new bonanza era – one in which they and the Tory government’s spiv friends will go about asset-stripping the BBC with absolute gusto.
    There is also another aspect too.
    The Tories have slipped into their manifesto slight talk about reforming the way in which governance takes place in this country. Their claim is that the problems experienced by them in forcing through Brexit in the teeth of major parliamentary opposition indicate the necessity of revising the way in which not only Parliament works but also other major institutions such as the Supreme Court.
    After centuries spent supporting gradual reforms under an unwritten constitution, the Tories are now talking about having a written constitution.
    One which they will write and force through Parliament with a Tory majority.
    Presumably, this new written constitution will include a section on media and communications as a way to further control the BBC – or what is left of it.
    The BBC – in colluding with false accusations against Labour and Corbyn – have been largely engaged in digging their own grave for the last few years.
    If so, this should constitute a real object lesson for those who have been engaged in massaging the fake campaigns of the last few years.
    The Nazis began their grab for power by targeting the socialists first.
    Are the Tories now going down the same road?
    Have people in this country forgotten the Niemoller Doctrine so readily?

  • Philip Ward says:

    There are some weaknesses in the Press Gang report, particularly the claim that “In the antisemitism statistics for April 2018-January 2019, the number of people expelled from Labour is close to 2 percent.”. That is crazy: it would be TEN THOUSAND people! From Jennie Formby’s statement in February, the number expelled during this period was 12 (yes, TWELVE). And I expect some of them were expelled for criticising Israel, rather than antisemitism. Whenever figures of expulsions, referrals etc. are cited, we should ALWAYS qualify them with the statement that a large proportion of them are for anti-zionism, not antisemitism, as the LP bureaucracy seems to be unable to distinguish between the two (which is why it has got the Party into such deep shit).

    (Labour List: Jennie Formby provides numbers on Labour Antisemitism Cases).

  • David Stretton says:

    The BBC is frightened about being privatised…news flash..the Tories will privatise you once you are of no further use…

  • John says:

    I am reading through the report and have discovered a minor typo.
    On page 8, in referring to the BBC’s own complaints procedure, it states ‘…in 2018-2019 there were 58 upheld complaints out of more than 2018,000.’
    Does this mean 58 upheld complaints out of more than 2 million?
    If that is the case then I am amazed that anyone bothers to complain at all.
    It is obvious that the BBC’s editorial guidelines are just a ridiculous farce.
    I used to pursue the BBC’s complaints procedures some years ago but came to the conclusion that the BBC considers itself to possess total infallibility.
    It seems to me that the BBC’s complaints procedure is literally worthless.

  • Philip Ward says:

    This pamphlet contains a glaring and damaging error, when it claims that 2% of labour party members were expelled for alleged antisemitism in ten months. That would be 10,000 members. As Labour First reported, citing Jennie Formby’s letter of February 2019, the real figure is 12. Is this report going to be submitted to Ofcom with that in it?

  • Philip Ward says:

    Craig Murray makes an interesting observation on his blog, having counted vox pops on mainly BBC news programmes over a period: 57 said they were deserting labour to vote tory and one audience member in a debate said she as going the other way. This is clearly not a random sampling by their reporters.

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