Inside the Integrity Initiative

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Moderate Rebels is a political podcast hosted by journalists Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton. In this episode they discuss Britain’s Integrity Initiative and the information war it is waging on the public, with propaganda expert Professor David Miller. They address the scandal surrounding this UK government-funded think tank, which has attacked Jeremy Corbyn and the anti-war left and laundered disinformation through the corporate media under the guise of countering Russia.

Inside the Integrity Initiative, the UK Gov’s Information War on the Public

Moderate Rebels (Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton)

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  • John says:

    Absolutely fascinating to listen to.
    I knew some of this in the 1980s but thought these “deep state” operations had ended.
    Under the May regime, internal subversion of a legal UK political party and Leader is now fair game for military-security spooks undermining OUR political and democratic system.
    As mentioned in the video, a variant on “A Very British Coup” does come to mind….

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