How We Win, a Socialist Strategy for the 2020s

Bronte Dow / Novara Media

In this six-part, week-long series (12 – 19 March 2021), which appeared on Novara Media, James Schneider sets out a blueprint for the next decade.

We repost it here, in easily downloadable form (h/t Robert Jones), as an important contribution to the debate we all need to be having about how to move forward in this critical conjuncture.

This series is dedicated to Leo Panitch, a friend and mentor who died just
before Christmas and without whose repeated urging it would have
remained unwritten.

James Schneider is the communications director of Progressive
International, co-founder of Momentum, and a former spokesperson for Jeremy Corbyn.

You can find the original series here

Introducing How We Win, a Socialist Strategy for the 2020s

How We Win: The Movements

How We Win: The Party

How We Win: The State

How We Win: The World

How We Win: The Media

A number of Novara videos were embedded in the original articles. They don’t transcribe easily to the downloadable file, so here they are.


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  • James Dickins says:

    I think the headline should read:

    “How We Win, a Socialist Strategy for the 2020s”

    (with ‘s’ on ‘2020s’).

    [indeed! – thanks – heading corrected – JVL web]

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