How the EHRC got it so wrong – video of the webinar launch

Here is a link to the video recording of the webinar to launch the publication How the EHRC got it so wrong: Antisemitism and the Labour Party.


If you have not yet downloaded the ebook you can do so on the Verso Books website here.

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Some transcripts of, or articles related to, the speakers’ contributions are available:

Introduction to the webinar by Jenny Manson

Foreword by Sir Geoffrey Bindman QC

Thoughts on the EHRC investigation by Naomi Wayne

Ammar Kazmi’s comments on ‘How the EHRC Got it so Wrong’

Liz Fekete, When equalities are marketised, rights suffer, Institute of Race Relations, 13th May 2021

Daniel Finn, The Labour Antisemitism Report Has Always Been a
                      Politically Motivated Travesty, Jacobin 29th Oct 2020
Daniel Finn, A Fabricated Crisis, Sidecar, NLR, 1st Feb 2021

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  • Myra Sands says:

    The right wing campaign to prevent Jeremy Corbyn becoming PM is exactly the same as the situation of Lula , though, thankfully, he wasn’t banged up for his manipulated sins unlike the great Brazilian. I feel the hand of the US in the fates of both men. As a result, the world is having to cope with both Bolsonaro and Johnson, and Julian Assange is the truth teller still behind bars.

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