Hello Luciana

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Shaun Lawson expresses his disappointment with Luciana Berger.

Absolutely in solidarity with her against the disgusting abuse she has received, he finds her general politics simply inadequate to the needs of our time and believes she is only motivated by a desire to bring Corbyn down….

Reposted with permission of Dorset Eye.

This article was originally published by Dorset Eye on Thu 14 Nov 2019. Read the original here.

Hello Luciana

Hello Luciana.

You have my absolute solidarity and support re: the disgusting abuse you have received and documented. It’s vile and unconscionable. Beyond that, however, here’s what I think.

I don’t think you joined Labour to change the world or achieve real social justice. I think you joined Labour because of personal ambition. That’s borne out by your being parachuted into a safe seat regarding which, at the time, you knew nothing.

It’s also borne out by your extraordinarily weak record on challenging the Israeli government on more or less anything; and your desire to ignore the very real problems with several of the IHRA examples, and misrepresent Labour’s code of conduct.

In 2015, through Corbyn’s election, Labour changed. Suddenly, it was no longer a party in which you and your fellow ‘centrists’, like Chuka, could expect to one day lead. You’ve had no idea what to do with yourself since – other than oppose Corbyn and try to get rid of him.

A fairly remarkable position, given the enormous amount of funds, members and energy which Corbyn has brought to the Labour movement: which was bankrupt, broken and without a clue before he was elected. Indeed, that’s a large part of WHY he was elected.

Right now, the UK has its worst government in living memory – maybe, ever. This government is doing unspeakable things on a daily basis to the most vulnerable people. Socialists fight for those people and stand up to such a government. You prefer smearing Corbyn instead.

In that regard, the Tories must love you. I highly doubt most of your constituents do, though. If you feel unwelcome, I’d suggest it’s because you’ve done little other than undermine the leader and the movement he’s delivered at each and every turn. Helping the Tories, not Labour

I write, incidentally, as a Jew and grandson of a Holocaust survivor. I know precisely where antisemitism can lead. Which is why I’m happy that Labour held an investigation, reported on it, then developed an excellent code of conduct. Which you chose to misrepresent.

In that, you’ve only done the same thing as many many others. But sadly, it means I doubt your integrity. I think you WANT to make this whole thing much bigger than it is; I think you’re only motivated by a desire to bring Corbyn down. That saddens me, greatly.

I wish you well because I wish all people well. But I, like many more British Jews than is commonly assumed or reported, stand with Corbyn who is not a racist, nor an anti-semite. And who actually wants to improve the lives of the British people. Shame on him for that, huh?

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  • different frank says:

    You can’t trust the Lib Dems – vote Labour.
    – Luciana Berger 21 May 2014.

    You may have deleted it from your website Luciana, but oh, the wayback machine.

  • Mary Davies says:

    A brilliant letter which needed to be written.

  • Margaret Johnson says:

    Sadly she probably won’t read this, but it needed to be said and said by someone who can say it from a Jewish viewpoint.

  • Alasdair MacVarish says:

    behaviour of Berger, Mann, Austin, Hodge and others is vile and deceitful.

  • Naomi Wayne says:

    Nailed it Shaun, with courtesy, humour and above all, facts! Thank you so much

  • Rosalind Clayton says:

    Thank you Shaun. You should send it to the BoD and the JC as well

  • Jackie Heslin says:

    wow that was extrodinary and heartfelt and true!

  • Arthur Shaw says:

    Tottaly and utterly agree with your letter. It makes me feel very sad that people like Luciana go into politics for their own personal gain when we desperately need politicians like Corbyn who will fight for the forgotten people of our nation. What a waste of a seat in Parliament 🙁

  • different frank says:

    Mike Cushman.
    I found it a couple of weeks ago.
    Just after I started posting the URL in the Independent, it vanished from her website.
    A tab embarrassing.

  • Lesley Crompton says:

    An excellent post by Shaun Lawson. I agree with everything he says and admire him for speaking so openly. Labour deserves better representation than the Luciana Bergers of this world who betray those constituants who vote for them.

  • different frank says:

    Off topic I know but I found this meme on Dorset eye.

  • Kathryn Hayman says:

    Well written and very helpful for people on the doorstep when we’re out canvassing in Totnes. Fortunately not so much AS down here because they’re more concerned about the climate and brexit but nevertheless we need this information.

  • Dr Rodney Watts says:

    A wonderful timely piece, which I have managed to include in a comment to a piece on Luciana in the online Liberal Democrat Voice: https://www.libdemvoice.org/watch-luciana-berger-describe-her-experience-of-antisemitic-abuse-in-the-labour-party-62634.html#comments
    So @ Margaret Johnson, even if Luciana doesn’t read it others who matter will have. My colleague Jonathan Coulter, co-author of ‘Journalists, check your evidence on Antisemitism’ and a number of others have also been fighting an uphill battle to influence our leadership to look at the facts, and display integrity. The acceptance of this comment is almost unbelievable,
    as it also includes the link to Luciana’s 2014 “you can’t trust the Lib Dems – vote Labour ” piece. Thanks to @ different frank.

  • Mark Francis says:

    Any anti-Semitic or other hate-based abuse Luciana Berger has received should be investigated & the perpetrators held to account, but when Margaret Hodge sent in 200 complaints to Jenny Formby it turned out that 90% were from non-Labour Party members. Is this the same for Luciana Berger and how many are just political disagreements? After all in politics there is always going to be conflict. That’s why it’s politics.

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