Frontline with Jackie Walker and Graham Bash

JVL Introduction

The Canary has posted a long and wide-ranging video discussion with Jackie Walker and Graham Bash, members of Jewish Voice for Labour and now both expelled from the Labour Party. Kerry-Anne Mendoza, co-founder of The Canary is their interlocutor.

The three of them have produced a remarkable testimony to their lifetime struggles against racism and prejudice.

It is posted on YouTube, with the following standfirst:

  • Jackie Walker and Graham Bash are Jewish anti-racist activists who spent years in the Labour Party yet were accused of antisemitism for standing up for the rights of Palestinians and People of Colour. Now, Bash has been expelled from the party, after Walker was too in 2019. In this interview with Canary co-founder Kerry-Anne Mendoza they speak candidly about how devastating this has been and what we all need to do to stand up against bullying and racism.

Regretfully, its richness and wide-ranging discussion has led to a rather lengthy video. Don’t be put off – dip into if you haven’t time to watch it all.

Let us hope a shortened version is also made available for sparking dialogue on its central themes: racism, antisemitism, politically confected antisemitism, and institutional discrimination in the Labour Party.


Comments (6)

  • Jack T says:

    They have spent a lifetime fighting racism and prejudice only to come head on against it in Starmer’s Zionist Labour Party. We must not draw back from proclaiming as forcefully as we can that Zionism is racism and Starmer is a racist trying to make the Labour Party safe for Zionist racists NOT Jews.

  • John Bowley says:

    There is plenty of direct bullying, hypocritical and sly but real racism and real antisemitism coming from the new management of the Labour Party.

    I applaud our honest and honourable comrades Jackie and Graham, who have struggled for all that is fair and right over many years. You are the best of us. The establishment MPs, who over-populate all parties, are the worst.

  • jacob butler says:

    Intelligent, heartfelt and revealing. Essential listening.

  • Hanna Khamis says:

    If Labour cannot tolerate active anti-racists in its ranks the conclusion is stark: Labour is now a racist organisation. I have to consider my own position within it.0

  • Martin Read says:

    Wonderful to listen to the great Jackie Walker once again. Thank you JVL!

  • Jeff Morris says:

    I have been trying to find out how many Jewish members of the Labour party were suspended or expelled during Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership compared with the figure since Keir Starmer was elected…

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