Frank Land talks on opposing oppression and antisemitism in the Labour Party

Two short videos by Professor Frank Land OBE a Jewish refugee who witnessed the Nazi Kristalnacht aged eight.

In the first he talks about why the experience of the Holocaust leads him to oppose the oppression of Palestinians and all others.

In the second he recounts his experience of over 60 years in the Labour Party without experiencing antisemitism and compares that the threat from Boris Johnson’s Conservatives.

“We, as Jewish people, who’ve been subject to persecution and oppression for hundreds of years, should be the most sensitive to oppression against other people. We cannot call defending Palestinians or railing against oppression as any kind of anti-Semitism itself.”

Frank Land compares his 60+ years in the Labour Party, experiencing no hint of anti-Semitism with the divisive politics of Boris
Johnson’s Conservatives.

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  • Margaret E Johnson says:

    Thank you Frank Land. we need more people like yourself in the Party and standing up for the rights of all.
    Margaret E. Johnson.

  • Teresa Steele says:

    Many thanks for sharing your views Mr Frank. They are warmly received. May I say if you’ve been in the Labour party for over 60 years you are looking very well on it.

  • Ted Spicer says:

    Love the man.

  • Derek Taylor says:

    Each and every time I see or hear wonderful, if harrowing testament like this I know that I’m in a tiny minority who can witness Frank’s words. Even my extended family know nothing of this, or of Labour’s real attitude towards Jews. While the JLM submits charges against the party and its leadership and 70 (today’s TV News tells me) witnesses speak of antisemitism within our ranks I fear we don’t stand much of a chance in the coming general election. Are we really doing enough to refute all charges? I sure hope so.

  • Roslyn Langdon says:

    Thank you, Professor Frank Land, for your presentations, which come as a breath of fresh air and sanity in an upside-down world at this present time.

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