Fighting pressure to close down Palestine solidarity activity on campus

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There is growing pressure on university campuses and elsewhere to close down events in support of Palestinian rights.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) has produced a guide to student activists with legal support from Bindmans LLP as to how to cope with these attacks on the right to discuss and organise – attacks that are often grounded in inaccurate or misunderstood interpretations of the law.

As this guide makes clear, this pressure is part of the growing assault on the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement in support of Palestinian human rights and international law.

We are pleased to be able to draw your attention to this important resource.

Legal guide for Palestine solidarity student activists

PSC mailing, 9th January 2021

Across the world, Israel and its allies are trying to prevent the facts of Palestinian dispossession entering the public domain. In the UK, pro-Israel groups have used threats of litigation to prevent and restrict Palestine solidarity events taking place on campus.

Moreover, the UK government is exerting pressure on universities to adopt the IHRA definition of antisemitism, with examples and without caveats, which is contributing to a stifling of voices speaking up for Palestinian rights on campus.

That’s why we’ve just released a legal support guide for student Palestine activists, to aid them in implementing their legal rights to campaign in solidarity with Palestine.

The guide covers your rights to form a society, obtain funding, hold protests and campaign for Palestinian rights. It also covers potential challenges you may face, such as the IHRA definition of antisemitism, and the statutory Prevent duty

Along with launching the legal guide, we’re hosting speakers from the US based Palestine Legal and the European Legal Support Center to inform students what to do if they unfair, and potentially illegal, restrictions on their events, in the run up to Israeli Apartheid Week 2021.

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  • Paul Smith says:

    Winning sponsorship from university Labour clubs for PSC activity on campus would be good.

  • Jim says:

    Resources like this are invaluable to combat the big lies and the orchestrated campaign to suppress the right of the oppressed to free speech.

  • Philippa Eglin says:

    We won’t go quietly….? Thank you for your toils , unless we know about this insidious culture and it’s objective, we can’t possibly challenge it .

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