Corbyn’s ultimate sin according to the Jewish Chronicle!

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You’d think the central message of Jeremy Corbyn’s long interview with Jewish News was  the fact that he “heaped praise on JVL”. While gratified to have had a passing mention, we thought the central message was Jeremy’s total commitment to fighting antisemitism.


Corbyn calls Jewish Voice for Labour “good people”

Labour insists he has track record of fighting antisemitism

Jewish Chronicle, 28 March 2018

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has described Jewish Voice for Labour, the organisation which held a counter-demonstration to Monday’s “Enough Is Enough” protest as “good people.”

In his first interview since the latest antisemitism crisis engulfed the Labour Party, Mr Corbyn heaped praise on JVL, saying they are “committed to fighting anti-Semitism and making sure there is a Jewish voice in the party. We already have the Jewish Labour Movement. JVL was established last year and I think it is good that we have organisations within the party that are giving that voice to people.”

Mr Corbyn insisted that he has a career-long record of fighting antisemitism.

He also denied that there was any significant problem with antisemitism in organisations such as the Palestine Solidarity Campaign: “I don’t think it’s a general problem. I think there are anti-Semitic people who latch onto all kinds of causes but in my experience in the Palestine Solidarity Campaign they were absolutely assiduous and specific. They’re not accepting Holocaust denial and they’re not allowing anti-Semitic behaviour to take place.”

He condemned abuse of those who attended Monday’s protest, saying: “Any abuse makes me profoundly concerned and any abuse that is done is certainly not done in my name. People have a right to speak out and a right to demonstrate and that surely is something that is intrinsic in any democratic society. I will not tolerate abuse of people for their beliefs.”

Mr Corbyn was speaking to the Jewish News

[See the full Jewish News interview here.

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  • Doug Fayle says:

    Like Jeremy Corbyn, I would like to express my appreciation for the ‘good people’ of JVL, an organisation I was unaware of until mention of it on the BBC reportage of Monday’s demonstration at Westminster.
    For so long, as a severe critic of Israeli oppressive policies towards the long-suffering Palestinian people, I have been struggling with the anti-Semitic labels increasingly planted on such opinions/activities….
    Now, having discovered the clarity and range of voices/links on the JVL website, I feel a renewed sense of optimistic legitimacy in the midst of the current clamour.
    Thank you, JVL.

  • michele poole says:

    Hi, I’m not Jewish and I’m a Labour Party Member. I’ve been increasingly annoyed by the recent fury concerning anti Semitism and the Board of Deputies and the LP and saw it for what it is. An attack on the Left and Corbyn. I’ve been hoping someone would articulate what I think and suddenly there she was, the only voice and one from the Jewish Voice for Labour. I’ve not heard of you before and I’m glad that Radio 4 interviewed the representative. It was the first and last time however..!
    I’ve read some of the posts and believe we need to be calm and clear about the reactionary role of the Board of Deputies. Yours in Solidarity Michele Poole

  • Ruby Lescott says:

    Michele you have spoken for me. And you are so right – the JVL and similar voices are never on msm.

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