Common sense about antisemitism

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In the current febrile atmosphere – where the Labour party is under siege for even having deigned to think for itself about how about to deal with antisemitism – we have been drawn, naturally, into defending its Code of Conduct as a definite improvement on the IHRA definition it is under pressure to adopt uncritically.

But, argues Murray Glickman in a clause-by-clause analysis, it is not the “gold standard” that some have suggested it might be.


The New NEC Code Of Conduct

[*  Yiddish = ‘common sense]

The NEC’s newly-published Code of Conduct: Antisemitism, is a positive, if tentative, step towards bringing rationality to the Party’s treatment of allegations of racism against members.

The anti-Palestine lobby (or the Lobby for short) in tandem with entrenched right-wing interests in the party and outside, have been all too successful in using a denigrate-and-denounce strategy in pursuit of goals unachievable by democratic means.  This cautiously worded document clearly aimed to take a lot of the sting out of this strategy whilst not initiating direct confrontation with them.  In vain!  All UK branches of the lobby have responded with characteristic torrents of bile and hysterical misrepresentation.  The contrast between their fanaticism and the Code’s conciliatory message could not be more striking.

In face of this assault, the tendency has been to rally to the Code’s defence.  In this discussion I hope to play my part. However, the need to challenge this choreographed assault should not be allowed to divert us completely from undertaking a cool-headed appraisal of the Code’s weaknesses as well as its strengths.  This is what I aim to do.

For the full analysis of the  NEC Code Of Conduct click here.

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  • There is a need to explain that those who are concerned about anti-semitism form a broad church. So we must expect a range of positions, some cutting across party lines and others on a right to left wing continuum.

    A graphic display that shows positions on this continuum would help. Then take one issue and describe the various positions on it along this continuum. Criticism of any /an Israeli government on a particular action or policy would be a good start. It needs to be a graphic display which these days is understood more easily since people dod not give much of these attention to reasoned argument.

  • Correction …since people do not give much of their attention to reasoned argument.

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