Chutzpah – squared! Not in our name.

So the Board of Deputies of British Jews thinks, as ever, that it can dictate the policies and procedures of a democratic party, dictate the outcome of diciplinary hearings in advance, and generally sling mud and distort the known facts.

They do not do so in our name.

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  • Linda Edmondson says:


  • Tony Graham says:

    “Citing a supposed (sic) number of offences as a small percentage of membership as a means to minimise the problem should cease.”

    Any further attempts to offer any evidence-based facts should, in other words, be discounted. They’d presumably prefer if NO corroboration was employed at all. Which, come to think of it, is what this whole campaign is based on: NIL evidence.

  • Rosalind Austin says:

    This is absolutely shocking!
    What are we to do about this?
    The leadership must fight this

  • Mike Scott says:

    Sorry, this really does not come within my definition of chutzpah! It’s a vicious attack on anyone who isn’t a mainstream Zionist – clearly including us – and a blatant attempt by Tories and other anti-socialists to take control of the party.

    We can’t joke about this situation – it’s getting more serious by the day and we have to begin to fight back. We didn’t take the initiative when all this nonsense started and it’s getting very close to the point where we’ll have completely missed the boat. Simply reacting calmly to each successive outrage hasn’t – and can’t – work.

    The party has been unable to come up with a strategy to counter the lies and false allegations and it’s time for us to step forward and take a lead. If not us, who? And if not now, when?

  • Teresa Steele says:

    This is truly an undemocratic stance. We just have to keep sharing the truth as respectfully as we can, even if we meet with disrespect, and I have been called many things on social media, which I now am able to take in my stride.

  • Gregory Douglas says:

    Chutspah! is not a strong enough comment.

  • hilary klonin says:

    The board of deputies do not speak in my name and their ex chair should not have called for Corbyn to be sacrificed
    It is all getting very scary
    If Labour party gives in to this it will be like Mcarthyism starting up in UK
    Plus I think people are generally sick of this weaponisation of AS. People are starving in the streets. Labour needs to work on that

  • Mike Cohen says:

    The claim that Corbyn is an antisemite has become an article of faith, impervious to truth and reason; much like the claims of real antisemites that Jews are behind all the ills if the world. Lies and distortion.

  • John says:

    You can’t blame the BoDs entirely.
    The Labour Party has only itself to blame for this.
    If they had acted promptly and firmly towards posers like the BoDs in the first place and just told them to piss off, the Labour Party would not be in the ridiculous situation they now find themselves in.
    Lets face it: the BoDs are no friends of Corbyn or the Labour Party.
    The party should finally summon up the resolve to tell the BoDs to “Get Lost”.
    They should also be told to tell their masters in Israel that Labour picks up the gauntlet that they have thrown down and now our gloves are off too.
    The hostile actions of the zionist regime will from now on be repaid in full.

  • Philip Ward says:

    I suggest JVL officers should seek an immediate meeting with Corbyn and his aides to discuss a joint response to this scurrilous document.

  • Mary Scurr says:

    Such confident arrogance purporting to be speaking the truth. I’m so appalled

  • Huw Spanner says:

    I would like to see someone publicly challenge the BoD: Don’t you think Labour should address the really egregious historic cases of antisemitism first? In 2005, Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson approved two posters representing Michael Howard as a) a flying pig and b) Fagin. You can make a case that Jeremy Corbyn should have recognised that the Mear One mural had antisemitic overtones, even if he only saw it on his mobile phone; but there can be absolutely no question that Blair and Mandelson knew exactly what their poster images were referencing.

    And then, of course, there is the case of J K Rowling, whose goblin bankers in the Harry Potter series – especially as visualised by Warner Bros with her approval – are a mishmash of classic antisemitic tropes and stereotypes. Surely, she should be expelled from the Labour Party at once?

  • Linda Edmondson says:

    Excellent comments above. Philip Ward’s proposal for JVL to meet Corbyn as soon as possible is really the only way to get the message through, though if such a meeting became public it would surely be condemned as evidence that Corbyn was meeting the wrong sort of Jew. But it is essential to try to get him and his team to fight back and refute the claim that antisemitism is rife in the Labour Party. As Chris Williamson said, stop caving in!

  • John says:

    This is deliberately provocative nonsense. The Labour leadership must now go onto the attack and denounce the pro-Israel lobby as weaponising antisemitism in order to deflect criticism of Israel. The aim of this attack is to make Labour unelecatble. The deal is simply this: stop criticising Israel and we will stop attacking you. You cannot placate people like this. A dignified offensive is called for.

  • prof (Emeritus) Ellie Palmer says:

    Many educated Jewish ‘liberals’ of the chattering Guardian type are likely to be embarrassed by the tone and thrust of this inappropriate diatribe. In the coming weeks energies should focus on challenging the sinister connotations of the BBC anti semitism (Corbyn) show trial; and (in the present volatile climate) the questionable role of the ECHR in singling out the Labour Party for full investigation of this one form of alleged racism.

  • Mike Cohen says:

    Notice how even on the smallest detail the BoD lies; it now seems that Corbyn has supported ‘antisemitic murals’, as if he makes a habit of it. Never mind whether that one case was actually antisemitic, never mind that Corbyn apologised, that extra ‘s’ shows what we are dealing with.

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