Campaign Against Antisemitism? Oh no it doesn’t!

Statement by JVL Steering Group

Campaign Against Antisemitism? Oh no it doesn’t!

Who are the CAA who have called the antisemitism demo against Corbyn and the Labour Party on Sunday?

First of all, they have nothing whatsoever to say about the spectre which is haunting Europe – the truly alarming rise of major far right, neo-fascist parties across ten countries, yes ten.

Who instead is their target as supposedly the biggest threat to democracy and to Jews? The one member of the UK Parliament who has the best record over decades of fighting racism and antisemitism!

They talk as if all UK Jews believe that: “Under Jeremy Corbyn, Labour has become a safe haven for racists. He is at home amongst them, having spent his political career seeking out and giving succour to Holocaust deniers, genocidal antisemitic terrorist groups and a litany of Jew-haters.” This is the extremist message they will be purveying when they assemble outside the Labour Party head office on Victoria Street on April 8. Even Jewish Chronicle editor Stephen Pollard has called their demonstration “entirely superfluous” and the result of “disgraceful, unthinking, divisive arrogance.”

Why, you might ask, are they so blind? The answer lies in their unswerving allegiance to Israel, however reprehensible its treatment of the Palestinians. Their purpose is not to oppose antisemitism but to close down criticism of Israel. Now, this means silencing Jeremy Corbyn – the most high profile politician to have campaigned consistently for justice for Palestinians.

The demo by the Board Of Deputies of British Jews and the Jewish Leadership Council on March 26 outside Parliament was careful to ban Israeli flags. They did not want their opposition to Corbyn to be easily linked to their support for Israel. The CAA will have no such qualms, their demo will be awash with blue and white.

If you are concerned about the real threat of serious antisemitism and other forms of racism, stay away from the CAA.

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