Brilliant DDN video on the meaning of Desmond Tutu’s life

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In this powerful video from DoubleDownNews Andrew Feinstein presents an impassioned account of what Archbishop Demond Tutu stood for – and how his message has been traduced by those who’ve rushed to heap praise on him while denying what he stood for.

He starts as he means to go on: “Archbishop Desmond Tutu because of his views on Israel would be expelled from Keir Starmer’s Labour Party…”

For central to Tutu’s struggle against apartheid and injustice was a commitment to struggle against all injustice.

And central to that was his commitment to the struggle of the Palestinian people and his opposition to Israeli apartheid.

And central to that was a commitment to Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions…

Andrew Feinstein allows Tutu to make his position clear, in his own words – while taking no hostages on the way!

Tutu also campaigned indefatigably against press censorship, for freedom of speech and of the media. With our own media more and more self-censoring, Feinstein ends with a plea for us to support independent media, needed now more than ever and, in particular, DoubleDownNews, which you can support here.

Desmond Tutu, Keir Starmer & The Friend of Jeffery Epstein


Comments (7)

  • Simon Lynn says:

    Powerful and persuasive Andrew, thank you

  • Ros Clayton says:

    In an otherwise exemplary obituary, The Economist. 01.01 22, certainly economised with the truth. “On visits to Israel, he loudly pleaded the Palestinian cause” tucked away towards the end. So brief you could have missed it.

  • ian duncan Kemp says:

    Brilliant Andrew and DDN this should be sent to every member of Starmers shadow cabinet..

  • Cormac Joseph Kelly says:

    Brilliant. The fight goes on. never give in.

  • Peter White says:

    Excellent video. Andrew would make a fantastic MP, he speaks which such clarity.

  • Tim says:

    The DDN video is very powerful and is well worth sharing with anybody who can’t see through the hypocrisy of those party leaders who feign to be moved by Desmond Tutu’s passing, yet actively undermine what he stood for.

  • Dr Rodney Watts says:

    Superb! Just the right length and says all that needs to be said. Agree with you Peter.

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