BBC’s unbalanced report of alleged Labour antisemitism

BBC London’s evening news on Friday Nov 8 acknowledged that some Jews support Corbyn despite the antisemitism allegations against him. They allowed JVL’s Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi just a few seconds to answer assertions made at length in the body of the report, where Jewish Chronicle editor Stephen Pollard repeats the unfounded charge that Labour is “institutionally antisemitic.”

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  • TM says:

    Welldone, Naomi. In the short time you were given you were so succinct. Isn’t it terrible that Pollard who writes for the Right Wing should be able to stir such fear in the Jewish Community. History will judge him so badly. Desist.

  • Simon Dewsbury says:

    Challenging questions put to Naomi (well answered). Pollard allowed to speak uninterrupted, creating an impression of (undeserved) authority. So, business as usual for the BBC.

  • John says:

    What to do about the BBC?
    It is utterly unaccountable to anyone but itself.
    It has the legal power to levy a tax on anyone who wants to watch TV.
    The only strategy I can think of is to publicly send it to Coventry.
    Everyone should deliberately refuse to have anything to do with them.
    Naomi did her best but the BBC content was slanted from the outset.
    By participating in the biased BBC coverage there is a danger that it becomes semi-legitimated, allowing them to claim so-called “balance”.
    A brief use of a stopwatch would prove just how unbalanced they are.
    Boycott the BBC – and let everyone know you are doing it!

  • Bob Walker says:

    Not even a cursory attempt by the reporter to get Pollard to backup his accusation about the Labour Party.

    How can this be allowed during an election period?

  • Peter David Britten says:

    I am disgusted, and this has given me even more reason to vote Labour…

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