Andrew Feinstein calls on Starmer and Nandy to apologise to left-wing Jews

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Former ANC MP Andrew Feinstein has had the courage to call Lisa Nandy out publicly for her continued use of Jeremy Corbyn as a whipping boy to ingratiate herself and the Labour leadership with “the” Jewish community.

Feinstein speaks out for those, like JVL and many other Jews on the left who are affronted at the way they are blanked out, delegitimised, demonised for being “the wrong sort of Jew” – for refusing the narrative of a British left riddled with antisemitism, and protesting at an Israel allowed to impose its regime of supremacy over the Palestinians with virtual impunity.

This article was originally published by Skwawkbox on Tue 25 May 2021. Read the original here.

Jewish anti-apartheid activist and former MP demands apology from Starmer to left-wing Jews

Former ANC MP Andrew Feinstein says Starmer and Nandy should apologise to left-wing Jews for ‘pretend[ing they] don’t exist and for mistreatment by party


Anti-apartheid activist and former ANC MP Andrew Feinstein has responded to Shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy’s comments to LBC radio that the Labour ‘whip’ should not be restored to former party leader Jeremy Corbyn until he ‘apologises for the hurt he caused to the Jewish community’ – by demanding that she and Keir Starmer apologise to left-wing Jews persecuted or at best ignored by the Labour party.

Feinstein made his demand in a ‘quote tweet’ of LBC Radio’s post about Nandy’s comment, adding that left-wing Jews have been targeted by ‘reactionary’ Labour because they hold dissenting views on the conduct of Israel or dare to speak out against accusations thrown at Corbyn and others:

Feinstein added, in a follow-up tweet, a criticism of Nandy’s treatment of the ‘Jewish community’ as a monolithic whole instead of a group as diverse as any other set of human beings:

On the same theme, he also ‘retweeted’ this, from a Newcastle-based Jewish Twitter user:

Feinstein has been constant in his solidarity with Palestinians against their treatment by right-wing Israeli governments. His current ‘pinned’ tweet quotes his ‘former boss’ Nelson Mandela:

Late last year, Feinstein exclusively told Skwawkbox that Mandela “would have been unable to voice his support for Palestinian people” in today’s Labour party, which is ‘unwelcoming’ for left-wing Jews and is playing out Starmer’s ‘track record of factionalism’ at a national level.

To date, neither Nandy nor Starmer appear to have apologised for their use of language or the party’s treatment of left-wing Jews, many of whom have been warned, suspended or even expelled for expressing their views.

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Comments (11)

  • Doug says:

    Put up Andrew Feinstein to debate these issues with Lisa Nandy
    Ask Channel 4 or Newsnight to host it, keep it tight as a drum
    Opening statements, questions from either side read out by host, closing statements
    At very least if she refuses its a victory of sorts
    Good Luck 👍

  • Margaret West says:

    Spot on – we have a group of Jews ostracised by Gentiles so what does that
    remind us of?

    Not only must they apologise for their own comments –
    they must demand an apology from Pete Newbon
    for the abhorrent antisemitic image he has constructed from a lovely
    book by a Children’s Laureate.

  • Peter says:

    It is quite clear that if Jesus Christ (himself Jewish of course) were here today he would fully support the Palestinian cause and would be being vilified as an anti-semite and ‘the wrong sort of Jew’.

  • Mary Davies says:

    Huge respect for Andrew Feinstein.

  • Tony says:

    I am horrified that some people actually seem to think that Andy Burnham should replace Starmer as leader. He would not be any better on this or any other issue.

    Here, from the 2015 leadership election, is a reminder of just how awful he is:

    When it was pointed out to Mr Burnham that only nine countries out of around 200 had nuclear weapons, Mr Burnham replied:

    “Their history is different, isn’t it? In respect of their involvement in conflicts past and our membership of the security council gives us a leadership position on these matters.”

  • HURT is losing all your family one by one and finally your mother and filled with so much anguish that you jump off a tall building.
    HURT is being buried alive and enduring a terrifying and painful death.
    HURT is a tiny child disabled for life.
    HURT is losing your only home and being thrown on the streets.
    Any “hurt” felt by “the Jewish community” is completely insignificant in comparison.
    And it is not irrelevant to talk of Gaza and East Jerusalem because these atrocities are allowed to happen in part because the British Israel Lobby (non Jew and Jew) provide valuable political cover for the Israeli government.
    I’m sorry but you cannot carry Israeli flags on demonstrations, apply for an Israeli passport when you already have a British one, go and fight for the IDF and financially support illegal settlements and then claim that you are wholly innocent of responsibility for the political policies you support.
    To be clear I do not support any racial abuse to any British citizen. Every single resident of Britain is entitled to live their life free from harassment and fear. But I do think that playing the victim as a deliberate diversion from what is happening in Palestine is morally repugnant.

  • michael levine says:

    To conflate anti-Semitism and anti- Zionism is to effectively assert that all Jews support the Israeli government treatment of Palestinians. This is itself anti-Semitic. It is calculated to create prejudice against all Jews.

  • Eveline says:

    I fully agree with Feinstein and everything he says here. But I do wish that he would or could publish his views in a more mainstream media. Nothing against Skwawkbox but they do have the reputation of being very leftwing and pro Corbyn, and can therefore be easily dismissed as biased. A mainstream newspaper would have more authority with the Labour leadership and could not be so easily ignored.

  • Harry Law says:

    What a disgusting creature Lisa Nandy has turned out to be, saying Corbyn ‘needs to apologize to the Jewish community before he can be a Labour MP’again. In his position 1/ Corbyn had every right [as acknowledged by the Equalities Commission] to comment on the report. 2/ Angela Rayner admitted that what Corbyn had said on the Press and the numbers of Anti Semites in the party was true. RL Bailey and Nandy said Corbyn was an Anti Semite when answering a question from Robert Peston at the Labour Leadership hustings Peston… whether it was “anti-Semitic” to “describe Israel, its policies, or the circumstances around its foundation as racist.” RL Baileyand Lisa Nandy said it was Anti semitic. What a pair of clowns, they would stab anyone in the back to further their careers. In the present case they are asking Corbyn to eat crow, deliberately trying to humiliate him. The Labour party are finished under Starmer and his sycophants.

  • Doug says:

    For the record
    In 2015 I walked into the Newcastle hustings a Burnham supporter and spoke to him afterwards
    I walked out a JC supporter
    Centrists have no policies or principles, they are careering
    You can safely include Sadiq Khan in that group
    Send them both a list of questions on Palestine, AS Scam and JC’s position in the party
    Willing to bet you a pound to a penny that they will not respond
    Methinks it would be career suicide

  • Jenny Mahimbo says:

    I used to work with Lisa Nandy when she was a national policy officer for The Childrens Society. Part of her brief was to work with projects such as mine, which included projects working with young unaccompanied asylum seekers and asylum/refugee families, the sizeable majority of whom came from the Middle East. She should be ashamed of herself and should know better. MInd you – I never rated her then.

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