Allegedly antisemitic Twitter account exposed as a fake

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It has long been suspected that many social media accounts peddling antisemitic statements are false ones, created for the sole purpose of claiming that they emanate from supporters of Jeremy Corbyn and the left.

Here the Skwawkbox exposes one particularly egregious attempt to smear the left. We have no doubt there are more like this.

Striking similarity of antisemitic fake accounts that fooled Cooper/Israel – and now Smith

SKWAWKBOX, 29 October 2018

Here are some extracts from the Skwawkbox report – click here for the full story:

On Saturday, a screengrab of an utterly vile tweet was tweeted by a well-known anti-Corbyn account

ge dbl.png

Grotesque is not a strong enough word for such a disgusting comment.

The vile tweet – and the account that made it

Rightly, the Brown tweet – or primarily the screengrab of it – sparked outrage. Labour MP Angela Smith was one who responded:

asmith deanbrown.jpg

Such a comment is, of course, absolutely incompatible with membership of the Labour Party.

But before or very soon after the ‘Left Over’ tweet of the screengrab, the account was no longer on Twitter.

…The image in the ‘Dean Brown’ account was stolen. Kai Murphy-Dunn tweeted to Angela Smith that it was his:

kmd dbl.jpg

Searches of Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo returned no meaningful results for the search term ‘”Dean Brown”+”Labour”, apart from comments on the vile tweet…

A modus operandi?

The description and structure of the ‘Dean Brown’ account had a familiar look. Described by ‘Left Over’ as “a former Labour Party staffer, is a @jeremycorbyn supporter and a member of both @UKLabour and @PeoplesMomentum“, there was no evidence for any of its claims – but they were similar to those used on a fake account last year.

One which fooled not only former Labour leadership hopeful Yvette Cooper but also the Israeli government.

In July last year, Ms Cooper tweeted a number of screengrabs as evidence of ‘online abuse’. Among those she quoted was a reply by an account ‘@WesBrownLab‘ with a similarly disgusting reference to the murder of Jewish people…

The account made claims to support Jeremy Corbyn and to be a Labour staffer similar to those made by the ‘Dean Brown’ account…

No Wesley Brown has ever worked for the Labour Party as an adviser to Jeremy Corbyn – nor indeed in any capacity, according to the party.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

The similarities in construction and behaviour between ‘DeanBrownLab’ and ‘WesleyBrownLab’ are striking – and they made comments that rightly caused outrage.

However, they both clearly appear to be fakes, constructed by a person or persons ready – in both instances – to cynically exploit the murder of Jewish people in order to smear the Labour Party and its leader as antisemitic.

On 1st November, Skwawkbox published a follow-up:

Excl: right-wing ‘antisemitism troll’ caught inventing bio for fake a/s Twitter account showing how the account ‘Left Over‘, which styles itself as “Exposing the hypocrisy, thuggery, extremism and antisemitism of the anti-British hard-left”, amplified the lies in the original.

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  • Terence says:

    It seems a leaked internal document relating to antisemitic incidents has been sent to the Met for investigation. Tom Watson was asked to comment on this in the Today program. I hope there’ll be a time soon when he can allude to this Skwawkbox report and demand that the Met investigate this type of pernicious tweeting and use of Social Media. Let’s see who really is behind all this.

  • David Stretton says:

    Just seen this reported on Sky. No mention of any detail Eg number of party members named in the report. Or who leaked it. I have heard that the Met are considering FOUR individuals for possible hate crime prosecution. For the record I did say FOUR is one more than three, one less than five.

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