AJ+ Newsbroke on Why Criticism of Israel isn’t Antisemitism

H/t Ofer Neiman

The Good Shepherd Collective writes:

This is a helpful video by AJ+’s Newsbroke outlining the right wing push in the United States to reframe the way we collectively understand antisemitism. Highlighted here, antisemitic actions and remarks by many of those working to conflate antisemitism with anti Zionism or any critique of Israel make it clear to see that the interesta is not rooted in upholding the rights and humanity of Jewish people, but in demonizing those–often black and brown civil rights leaders–who wish to stand in solidarity with the marginalized and oppressed, who in this case are the Palestinian populations in Israel, the West Bank, Gaza, and in the diaspora.

Matt Lieb’s deconstruction of the misleading rhetoric presented by both elected officials and the mainstream US media gives insight into the racism and Islamophobia characterizing the push to alienate Jewish Americans from the left. Further still, he points out the importance of recognizing the concept of “loyalty to Israel”–an antisemitic trope in itself–that is being forced upon Jewish Americans who wish to critique Israel and are facing increasing limits on their ability to do so in meaningful ways.

AJ+ Newsbroke on Why Criticism of Israel isn’t Antisemitism


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