A call from Jewish Voice for Peace in the States

“What we are witnessing in Sheikh Jarrah is Israel’s attempt to erase the Palestinian presence from our native city in real time.” 

So summarizes Mohammed el-Kurd, the young Palestinian activist whose family is set to be forcibly pushed out of their home in Sheikh Jarrah, a neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem, in the next few weeks.

For decades, Palestinian families in occupied East Jerusalem have faced vicious attacks in an attempt to force them out of their homes and replace them with Zionist settlers. Settlers use “eviction orders” as part of the Israeli government’s publicly declared policy to remove Palestinians from Jerusalem and “Israelize” the city. Make no mistake: These evictions are illegal under international law, no matter what Israeli courts say.

Please join us in calling on the U.S. State Department to demand an end to the illegal settlement expansion in East Jerusalem.

Right now, American-funded Israeli settler organizations, backed by the Israeli government, are gearing up to build still more illegal settlements and push Palestinians out of their homes in occupied East Jerusalem by any means necessary. Over 1,500 Palestinians from the Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan neighborhoods are facing imminent forced displacement and home demolitions by the Israeli military and police, and many will face homelessness.

A coalition of more than 200 movement partners is demanding that the U.S. State Department uphold international law and take action against the Israel government’s continued expansion of illegal Israeli settlements, theft of Palestinian land, and separation of Palestinian families. The U.S. government sends $3.8 billion in unconditional funding to the Israeli military every year—pressure from the U.S. government is imperative to stop this illegal displacement. 

Together, we can demand that our government uphold international law and take action against the continued expansion of illegal Israeli settlements.

Can you take 30 seconds now to sign our petition?


Sonya Meyerson-Knox, JVP Senior Communications Manager



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  • Mac Watd says:

    Every human being deserves to have freedom, dignity and recognition of their home, land , family, health, and a voice. Certainly not from the end of a weapon. Surely the Israelis of all people should respect and honour the lives of other races . These people have gone through absolute torture in trying to achieve just that! Their conditions is below any humanitarian right. Please stop this Israel , they are people in their own right . They must have respect and allowed to live in their own family house, land . It has to stop! Please please give them their dignity back.

  • Josephine Williams says:

    People should be able to live in peace and safety, no person’s life is worth more than the next

  • Alexander Gavin says:

    This is so sad, is there any way that someone could take the Government of the United States to court charged with supporting terrorism? I think the American people need to know that even in these terrible times of COVID, when ordinary Americans are in great financial difficulties that their hard earned money is being sent to Israel to buy arms to the tune of $2.5billion

  • Roberto Carlini says:

    Stop the ethnic cleansing of palestinian people.

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