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Jenny Manson, co-chair of Jewish Voice for Labour, has received a notice of investigation from the Labour Party’s Governance and Legal Unit.

Of all such letters we have seen, this is really the most bizarre.

Watch the Newsnight programme linked to below: somehow this seems to have resulted in a charge of antisemitism against Manson!

This article was originally published by Skwawkbox on Fri 6 Aug 2021. Read the original here.

Breaking: JVL co-chair Manson under investigation by Labour for entirely factual Newsnight interview

And party ‘notice of investigation’ calls Jewish Jenny Manson ‘Mohammed’


Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL) co-chair Jenny Manson has been issued with a notice of investigation (NOI) by the Labour party – for an entirely factual Newsnight appearance last autumn.

To add insult to injury, the NOI received by Manson called her ‘Mohammed’, leading Manson to comment:

They are investigating so many of us they are losing the plot.

Manson is one of a string of JVL members targeted by the Labour party for investigation, suspension or expulsion at a rate of around 20 to one – discrimination so obvious that JVL has written to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) with an extensively-documented complaint that Keir Starmer’s Labour is engaged in a racist purge.

Below is Manson’s full Newsnight interview, in which – despite being shoddily treated and frequently interrupted by the presenter – she explains perfectly accurately that the scale of antisemitism in the Labour party was massively and relentlessly exaggerated by the Labour right, the so-called ‘mainstream’ media and other interested groups:

Manson received the letter from the Labour party just after JVL’s complaint was submitted to the EHRC (and to the Forde Inquiry).

Manson is correct. Starmer’s Labour has lost the plot – if it ever had it – and has done so in a racist manner.

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  • Philip Ward says:

    “Jenny Manson and others of her ilk”. What an appalling, offensive remark by Kirsty Wark, who challenges and interrupt Jenny Manson, never allowing her to put across her arguments and then treats Ellman with kids gloves, just using her interventions to provide prompts. The bias is utterly blatant to anyone who is the least bit informed about the issues.

    Solidarity with Jenny Manson (oh dear, am I allowed to write that?)

  • Allan Howard says:

    I wonder why – or HOW – it took the LP some nine months to decide that Jenny should be investigated regarding her appearance on Newsnight. Needless to say, it was Starmer and Co’s ‘response’ to JVLs complaint to the EHRC…… and I bet they are STILL chuckling and laughing about it amongst themselves, and will be for weeks to come!

    This is a perfect example of the old adage that ‘Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely’. Then again, many of those corrupted by power were ‘corrupt’ human beings long before they ever acquired positions of power, but went on to do so precisely because they ARE corrupt – ie devious and duplicitous and ruthless and completely devoid of empathy or a conscious. And believe me, they are inherently sadistic, and get their kicks out of abusing and bullying people and causing them stress and/or distress!

  • DJ says:

    This just demonstrates why JVL is under attack from the Labour Party leadership. Jewish party members rejecting the antisemitism narrative just might result in more people asking some difficult questions about this narrative. They might start asking for details about the evidence to support the claim that the Labour Party has a severe antisemitism problem. They may want to know why Jewish party members are not all in agreement on this matter.

  • Naomi Wayne says:

    I suppose this it would be too much to hope that Newsnight presenters would be chewing their nails over the fact that someone who was asked and answered questions by them, is now being pursued in this McCarthyite fashion. This is, in its way, worse than McCarthyism. At least there, the accusations and alleged wrongdoing were clear and out in the open, and those who got hauled into HUAC hearings got to tell the world their views. Here, in a mechanism that can only be described as Kafkaesque, any part of a person’s life can be picked over, then presented on a plate with the words – this MIGHT break our rules, now justify yourself. And btw, dont tell anyone, and if you feel suicidal, here’s the contact details for the Samaritans!

  • DJ says:

    It’s in our interest to publicise the disproportionate number of Jewish Labour Party members who have been suspended. We need to create a public discourse on how a party promising to be “tough on antisemitism” has ended up suspending so many Jewish members. The Labour Party leadership would clearly find it difficult to argue that these members are all anti-Semites.

  • Dr Alan Maddison says:

    It is those people in Labour who contributed to the gross exaggerations of the prevalence of antisemitism in Labour, who should be investigated.

    Not Jenny.

    Those people brought the party into disrepute, undermined democracy, and generated fear in many uninformed Jewish people.

    In a recent survey of Labour members, you know the people who participate in the 20 000 or so meetings each year, it was found that 70% considered that antisemitism in Labour had been exaggerated, or was not as serious as relentlessly claimed. These members included those voting for Keir Starmer. They should all know.

    So why is Jenny attacked for speaking the truth?

    Because it was never about antisemitism, but about destroying all critics of a developing apartheid in Israel, especially their leaders.

    It must be resisted, a red line that has been crossed.

  • Allan Howard says:

    Just came across the following from June 2018 (by Rosa Doherty):

    ‘Jenny Manson interviewed by the Jewish Chronicle’

    The JC, it’s fair to say, has been pretty critical of JVL. So I’m surprised when the group’s chair Jenny Manson invites me to her house for an interview……

    She is particularly upset about a JC column by David Aaronovitch, criticising Leah Levane, Manson’s co-chair, describing her as Mr Corbyn’s idea of a “really good Jew.”

    “We don’t call the Board of Deputies or the JLC, not proper Jews. We might disagree with them but we don’t personalise it and we certainly don’t question people’s Jewishness. In fact I think it is a strange kind of antisemitism to do that,” she says.


    Needless to say, the author of the piece pretends the problem of A/S in the party (when Jeremy was leader) is widespread, as opposed to amounting to no more than in society in general, and in actual fact, less!

  • Jen R says:

    Well, it is very clear that decent human beings are no longer welcome in the Labour Party.

  • Mary Davies says:

    Love & Solidarity Jenny x

  • Esther Giles says:

    Why does Kirsty Wark barrack and interrupt Jenny M, but allow Louise E to carry on unchallenged?

  • Sabine Ebert-Forbes says:

    I found Ms Wark’s conduct disgusting, rude and unacceptable. Respect to Jenny Manson who got her points across very calmly despite Ms Warks constant talking over her in an attempt to interrupt and distract.
    Ms Ellman on the other hand got preferential treatment, ie no interruptions, plenty of prompts and viewers got to see and hear what msm and the establishment want them to see, in short a distortion of the facts.

  • Teresa Steele says:

    Jenny Manson was not allowed to speak, Ms Wark talked over her constantly, it was obvious, Ellman was allowed to get her LIES across. The MSM are so corrupt I no longer watch TV. The Labour party are as bad as any other party in the UK. We don’t have leaders for the people, we have leaders for the 1%.

  • Dave Bradney says:

    Like a cluttered bag, Starmer is “turning the Labour Party inside out” and shaking it. Unfortunately, as with an inverted bag, all the contents are dropping out – the members and their subs.

    But who needs the members and their piddly subs, we’ll find some rich donors instead. Keir is going the Macron route.

  • Susan Greaves says:

    I was disgusted by this interview at the time. Kirsty Wark is so rude to the lovely gentle humble Jenny Manson who at no time is impolite or angry. Jenny Manson’s replies are less clearly articulated than they should have been precisely because of the appalling bullying tactics of Wark who should be ashamed of herself for this interview. Mob mentality makes it OK for someone who holds a majority (mob) viewpoint to bully relentlessly someone who is expressing something that counters a prevailing prejudice. It is so easy to be on the winning side. Kirsty Wark in this interview demonstrates all the ignorance and cruelty of that baying mob. Notice her hand as she summarily dismisses Jenny at the end of the interview.

  • Clare Davies says:

    Kirsty Wark should have been investigated. I saw that programme and have it taped. I have never seen her so rude before or since and this is why I joined JVL last year.

  • Kuhnberg says:

    You can’t expect an establishment attack dog like Kirsty Wark to do anything but attack those who challenge the establishment narrative. She behaved in a similar way when she presented her documentary on the Alex Salmomd trial, whicn for some reason omitted to report the eyewitness evidence on days 8 and 9 which scuppered the prosecution case, leading to Salmond’s acquittal. Bad journalism? No: In the eyes of the establishment this was precisely what was called for.

    We are dealing with a situation in which the media is complicit in presenting a false narrative, if not by outright lies then by omission of damning evidence. The sad fact is that a number of intelligent and human people are falling for it. My sister recently told me that the Palestinians are responsible for what is happening in their country because they are Muslims. When I pushed back against that view she closed down the discussion and cut off any communication. It is the modern McCarthyism and unfortunately I won’t be here in 20 years to see it discredited.

  • Ian Buehring says:

    Kirsty Wark’s interviewing manner is a complete disgrace. She routinely cut in to what Jenny Manson was saying and barely allowed her to answer the questions posed whereas she gave Louise Ellman a freee ride.

  • Margaret West says:

    Kuhnberg (08/08/21 11.42) –
    regarding your sisters blaming Palestinians for what is
    happening in Israel – this is the view of the Israel police chief (Shabtai)
    as reported in “Times of Israel”.

    “The person who is responsible for this intifada is Itamar Ben Gvir. It started with the Lehava protest at Damascus Gate,” Shabtai said, referring to far-right demonstrations around Jerusalem’s Old City. “It continued with provocations in Sheikh Jarrah, and now he is moving around with Lehava activists.”

    I read this a couple of months ago in an article in JVL and have just checked via Google to see where it was reported. Among other sites I found similar reports from other Israeli sources (eg Haaretz) and
    in France24 but did not find anything in the UK MSM .

  • DJ says:

    We need people to see what many if not all of the suspended Jewish Labour Party members have in common. That is an understanding of their Jewish identity which is not tied to the state of Israel. Then people will understand what the purge of Jewish and non Jewish members alike is all about. Namely the bolstering of support inside the party for the Israeli settler colonial regime. The so called “antisemitism crisis” will then exposed as a total sham that we all know it to be.

  • EA says:

    BBC Newsnight, like the current Labour Party leadership, seems intent on creating a hostile environment for leftwing anti-apartheid Jews. Non-Jews would appear to be working hard to silence dissident Jews in the name of concern about antisemitism… Such concern loses credibility when its effect is to cheat all British Jews of the right to differ from the perceived British Jewish community viewpoint.

  • Hazel Davies says:

    Louise Ellman is absolutely chronic. How did she get away with saying all that crap?

  • Rob Ferguson says:

    JVL and Jenny’s own responses to the latest foul witch hunt by the right have been quite measured in tone. Unlike the preposterous claims of their detractors.

    No doubt this is despite the considerable stress, upset and anger such slanderous attacks and witch hunting must cause to those who have stood as principled opponents of antisemitism, fascism and racism.

    I am not a member of the Labour Party and have my differences with comrades in JVL. However, let’s make no mistake, this targeting of the “wrong Jew” by Labour is potentially perilous for us all. As our history should tell us, It is difficult to close Pandora’s Box once opened.

    Solidarity with Jenny and all those unjustly targeted with false accusations of antisemitism. Witch-hunts are never about the individual, they are about the movement. But by their nature it is the individual who bears the brunt.

  • Bernard Grant says:

    I agree with the comments of DJ, see which Jews support Israel and those that do not.
    It would be like adding up 2 plus 2, the dividing line would be straight down the centre.
    You would get the answer to 2 plus 2 if you asked all the LP members that are non Jews, “Do you agree with Starmer’s purge on those the Left of the Party”, if they said yes, they’ll have no issue with what Israel is doing, you’ll also find they will be part if the minority that are on the Right of the Party. I hope this makes sense.

  • maureen Regan says:

    All Part of the Wich Hunt

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