Just Jews – latest video with Sue Lukes

JVL Introduction

Just Jews has released the second of its short, original videos of Jews drawn from different backgrounds and beliefs

This one portrays Sue Lukes, Labour councillor in Islingon and a grandmother.

And here is the reaction of Rebecca Filer, Political Education officer of the JLM, to the video (click on the image to enlarge it):

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  • TP says:

    Please can the Parliamentary Labour Party cut ties with the Israeli government mouthpiece JLM now. Their constant attacks on Jewish and Labour Party members is DISGUSTING and UNACCEPTABLE. They obviously don’t want a Labour government or Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister helping the poor, disabled and ill which they have supposedly signed up for. Traitorous and treacherous sock puppets.

  • Richard Hayward says:

    The response of Rebecca Filer says it all. The JLM is a group that makes absolutely clear the divorce between opposing real antisemitism and supporting Israel.

    It’s attacks on Jewish members illustrate vividly that it is actually a voice of antisemitism.

  • Katie says:

    On what grounds does Rebecca Flier say that Sue Lukes “belittles the experience of Jewish members? Sue Lukes simply describes her own experience, in which she does not seem to have encountered antisemitism. It seems to me that it is rather those who claim to speak for the whole Jewish community that belittle the experience of those Jews who have not suffered antisemitism in the Labour Party

  • different frank says:

    So Sue Lukes must be one of those self hating Jews that we hear about, like Norman Finklestein.

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