Is Jeremy Corbyn really anti-Semitic?

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Clear-headed analysis and simple answer to the question as to whether Jeremy Corbyn is personally antisemitic from historian Geoffrey Alderman, author of The Jewish Community in British PoliticsModern British Jewry and more

Spoiler alert…

The answer is no.

Is Jeremy Corbyn really anti-Semitic?

Geoffrey Alderman, Spectator

Is Jeremy Corbyn an anti-Semite? I began researching the answer to this question well before Danny Finkelstein’s recent revelation in the Times that eight years ago Corbyn had written a glowing foreward to a new edition of Imperialism: A Study, written by the radical economist John Atkinson Hobson, first published in 1902.

Context is paramount. That’s why I feel obliged to censure Finkelstein’s exposé…

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In addition, carries a story on this:

This includes this extract:

Unsurprisingly, Alderman’s view was challenged on social media by, among others, Stephen Pollard, the right-wing editor of the Jewish Chronicle – but Alderman gave back better than he got:

Alderman’s stinging final retort suggests that Pollard is minimising not only the significance of Corbyn’s record but also the concerns of a large part of the UK’s Jewish population. Orthodox Jews are expected to represent more than half of this country’s Jewish community by around 2030. Pollard denied he was referring to the cemetery and delayed burial issues in his comment.

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  • Richard Hayward says:


    “It’s quite true that the Labour Party that Corbyn leads has been dogged in recent years with incidents in which a significant number of its members, after being publicly pilloried as anti-Semites, have been expelled from the party. ”

    … on the flimsiest evidence conceivable.

    Alderman’s partial statement of the obvious is welcome. But it is partial – in both senses.

  • S H says:

    Reinstate all the people that the witch hunters got expelled, speak out against the suffering of the Palestinians even more, send aid, boycott Israel, use sanctions, get socialist MPs elected and Jeremy Corbyn should report the sly vile cover up of abuse Margaret Hodge for being his stalker too.

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