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No state visit for Donald Trump! Jewish groups speak out.


Donald Trump’s retweeting of videos from Britain First, an avowedly Islamophobic organisation espousing a Fascist ideology, takes the office of the President of the USA to a new low. As groups representing many Jews in Britain, we are horrified that Trump has signalled common cause with an organisation that practises the politics of violence, and which has a record of provoking attacks on peaceful communities. Britain First is also linked to explicitly antisemitic parties in Poland, and its name was invoked by the murderer of Jo Cox. The far right here has already been bolstered by Trump’s actions, and it is likely that further attacks will follow.

We urgently call on our Government to make it absolutely clear to the  Government of the USA that there is no question of Donald Trump enjoying a state visit to the UK, or any visit on official business. Such a visit is likely to further strengthen Fascist organisations here, leading to a rise in racism, including Islamophobia and Antisemitism. In the interests of public safety, community relations and common decency, we demand that any invitation to Donald Trump should be immediately and publicly withdrawn.

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  • Nina

    I hope the British government will have the courage like PM Theresa May to stand up to Trump.

    It is so disappointing that Saudi Arabia welcomed him despite his anti-Muslim views.
    Shame on Saudi Arabia and all the Gulf Countries and Egypt for having no spine.

    So Shocking that someone who insults them has been allowed to go on a state visit

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