Statement of Principles:


David Rosenberg speech at the Windrush Generation demonstration

“We are here today because we always stand against injustice, because we know that an attack on one minority is an attack on all and that minorities must stand together to resist” […]

Antisemitism and the Tory party

Why, asks media expert Justin Scholosberg, are the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the Jewish Leadership Council and the Campaign Against Antisemitism so keen to sniff antisemitism out on the left but unable to see it when it strikes them between the eyes on the Tory right? […]

Joint Statement on Tory links to antisemitism in European politics

A joint statement, signed by Independent Jewish Voices, Jewish Socialists’ Group, Jewish Voice for Labour and Jews for Justice for Palestinains.

As the House of Commons holds a debate on antisemitism called by the Conservative Party, we are calling on the Prime Minister to confront the political parties and governments in Europe that have exploited and fuelled a rising tide of antisemitism. […]

Labour needs to push back

David Rosenberg argues that the fightback against racism can be spearheaded on 3rd May by electing committed anti-racists and anti-fascists as councillors, from a Labour Party that has unequivocally positioned itself, under its current leadership, as an anti-austerity party. […]

Racism on the right

The Canary investigates the Tories’ record on racism and wonders why the media don’t seem to get upset about it […]