Statement of Principles:


Emergency demo on Gaza

A JVL call – Join the demonstration today, Tuesday 15th May, outside Downing Street from 5.30-7.00pm […]

An open letter to Prince William, before his Middle East trip

Robert Cohen writes to Prince William: “Much better to stay home with Kate and help look after the new baby…[But] if you have to go to Israel don’t just be a post-Brexit salesman for UK Plc. Make it count by getting informed and bring that learning back home…” […]

Robert A.H.Cohen writes from the the Amos Trust’s 1,000-mile ‘Just Walk to Jerusalem’: “We know we cannot turn back the clock to a time before Balfour. Whatever the second Balfour century looks like it will include Jews and Arabs living on the land.

The question is: will they live as equals and in peace or will they live, as they do today, as oppressed and oppressor?…Our call is simple, but frustratingly it is also highly contentious: Equal rights for all who call the Holy Land home.” […]

Labour says it is time to recognise a Palestinian state

In a wide-ranging interview with Middle East Eye, Shadow Foreign Minister Emily Thornberry states forcefully that the Balfour Declaration should indeed be marked as “a turning point in the history of that area and I think the most important way of marking it is to recognise Palestine”. […]

The end of the British consensus on Israel

Robert A.H.Cohen writes: “[T]he formal Jewish leadership in the UK are painting themselves into a blue and white corner and looking ever more out of touch with a general public which is beginning to understand that Israel/Palestine is a conflict about human rights and not about terrorism.” […]

More on the Del Singh award

The latest in the Del Singh award saga. Mr Singh’s family has reacted furiously. His sister, Ms Kaur-Umfleet, said the family expected the award to be revoked and called for an explanation and apology from the Labour Party. […]

Letter to the Guardian

Jonathan Rosenhead is concerned by what he sees as a shift in Labour’s stated position on Israel […]

Statement on the National Policy Forum Report

JVL (Jewish Voice for Labour) notes with concern that the National Policy Forum report to be presented to Brighton conference departs significantly from the Party’s Manifesto commitments to a just and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians. Here is our full statement. […]