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More media misrepresentation…

Justin Schlosberg, media activist, lecturer, researcher, takes the BBC and Frankie Boyle to task for “dutifully reinforc[ing] a disinformation narrative that has taken shape over a number of weeks, many of whose architects have surely but a single agenda: to prevent Jeremy Corbyn from leading the Labour Party into another general election.” […]

The making of an antisemitic incident…

Reuven Leigh, director of Chabad of Cambridge and The Cambridge Lehrhaus reports how a broken window morphed into a major antisemitic incident. He writes: “I don’t doubt there are antisemites out there who wish to do me harm, but my default response and knee jerk reaction every time some misfortune befalls me is not one of victimhood.” Read on […]

Skwawkbox reports on the Jewish vote for Labour

Two important posts from Skwawkbox. While the BBC obsesses with Labour’s failure to take Barnet, there is plenty of evidence of Labour doing very well in many Jewish areas. Hats off to SKWAWKBOX for its honest reporting. […]

BBC’s Emily Maitlis simply assumes that accusations of antisemitism are true

In an interview with Momentum chief Jon Lansman on Newsnight on 26th January, presenter Emily Maitlis made unfounded allegations against suspended Labour Party member David Watson who has been fighting for justice within the party for more than 20 months. We reproduce here a formal complaint to the BBC, its mealy-mouthed response and a follow-up complaint. […]