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All out for a Labour victory on 3rd May

Do what you can to ensure a victory for Labour and Jeremy Corbyn!

Consult the newly relaunched Momentum app MyNearestMarginal so you can find your nearest marginal council in the upcoming local elections! […]

Cosmopolitan class consciousness and the fight against antisemitism

Jeremy Gilbert argues that the ‘Blairites’ and the traditional Labour right rooted in the Labour bureaucracy have their own distinctive reasons for wanting to promote the idea that the radical left is inherently antisemitic. He provides a detailed analysis of the strenghts and weaknesses of these forces in the Labour party

He concludes that to deal effectively with antisemitism, conspiracy theory, or racism of any kind Labour deperately needs a positive vision, one animated by ideas of human freedom and self-organisation. […]

Antisemitism and the labour movement

In a nuanced presentation that may ruffle feathers, David Feldman and Brendan McGeever argue that the political culture of the left has long been a source of antisemitism, and for the need of the Labour Party leadership to face up to this. But they also believe that the alertness of the Jewish community, especially its leaders, to antisemitism in Britain should lead them to support anti-racist campaigns more generally.

We expect readers will agree with some parts of this article and will want to dispute others. Please post thoughtful comments so we all can learn from the exchanges. […]

What has been going on?

Interesting and provocative analyses of the current onslaught on Corbyn and the Labour party continue to appear. We give short extracts from three of them, by Richard Seymour, Mark Mazower and Mike McNair, with links to the full articles. […]

Jewish members of the Haringey Labour parties speak out

The letter here has been signed by several Jewish members of the Haringey Labour parties and submitted to the Guardian “Opinion is free” page and to the Jewish Chronicle [on 27th March].

It seems not to have been published. […]

Jewish News – exclusive interview with Jeremy Corbyn

In the wake of the Jewish community’s unprecedented ‘Enough Is Enough’ protest against Labour anti-Semitism, Jewish News sat down with the party leader to discuss all the key issues of concern that drove more than 1,500 people to demonstrate outside Parliament this week. […]

Defining antisemitism

Defining antisemitism has become a highly politicised question in recent times and we have argued consistently that the IHRA definition is in reality a poor one, attempting to stretch the definition beyond it traditional meaning of hatred and discrimination against Jews to a loaded one in which Israel gets smuggled into the equation.

David Schneider has recently offered a basic 4-question test for antisemitism. Many people have responded positively to it. Here Jonathan Cook raises some questions about it, arguing it isn’t all it seems to be. […]

Robert Cohen – blogpost on yesterday’s events

Yesterday’s demonstration outside Parliament against Jeremy Corbyn’s failure to recognise and deal with alleged antisemitism in the Labour Party has become a textbook study in the complexity of the Israel/Palestine debate.

Robert Cohen explains […]

The making of a moral panic

Jonathan Cook, blogging from Nazareth, asks why the Mear One mural has roused such venom now. The story was reported by the Jewish Chronicle back in 2015, when it suggested that the mural might have “antisemitic undertones”. No-one followed up the story which died a death…

The mural may well be antisemitic, but what has changed to make something that might have had “antisemitic overtones” a couple of years ago, into something that is “obviously antisemitic”? As Cook’s headline puts it: ‘The sharks circling around Corbyn scent blood’. […]

Jeremy Corbyn’s record

There are many threats to Jews – and we are right to be vigilant. These threats come primarily from resurgent nationalism, anti-immigrant sentiment and a Brexit narrative that seeks to restore Britain to a mythical age of ethnic purity. The idea that Britain’s leading anti-racist politician is the key problem the Jewish community faces is an absurdity, a distraction, and a massive error. Worst of all, it’s a bad story that we’ve been telling for far too long. Let’s start to tell a better one. […]