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A call to revoke the 2017 Del Singh award

On Wednesday 21 February 2018, Hampstead & Kilburn CLP voed to revoke Labour’s award of the Del Singh prize to the JLM which “defended the illegal blockade of Gaza and the consecutive wars against the trapped population which Del categorically believed to be nothing short of collective punishment and war crimes.” […]

Why does Labour need a Jewish voice? – Part 2

In this concluding part of this article Stephen Marks develops his views as to why Labour needs a Jewish voice and what our aims and priorities should be. […]

Why does Labour need a Jewish voice?

JVL member Stephen Marks writes that Labour has a number of recognised internal structures to reflect and represent the priorities of different self-defined minority groups among its members: BAME, Labour Party Irish Society, LGBT Labour…

But there is no equivalent structure for members who identify as Jewish. The ‘Jewish Labour Movement’, an affiliated Socialist Society, is treated as if it were the equivalent body for members who identify as Jewish. But, he points out, it is no such thing. […]

Jewish News: Fascinating interview with Len McCluskey

Hats off to Stephen Oryszczuk, Foreign editor of Jewish News for this lengthy, probing and insightful interview with Len McCluskey, General Secretary of Unite the Union. It ranges widely, from Trump’s Jerusalem embassy announcement, Britain’s role, talking to Hamas, Priti Patel, Ken Livingstone and more to an extended discussion about antisemitism and the Labour Party, and BDS.

And there’s a hat-tip towards JVL: “Suddenly, his face comes alive. ‘Now, Jewish Voice for Labour, which only formed at the recent Labour Party conference – I’m very, very attracted to dealing with them…'”

Read all about it! […]

Len McCluskey on antisemitism

We reprint here – taken from the provocatively named Israel Hate Watch website – the recent correspondence between Luke Akehurst, Director of We Stand by Israel, and Len McCluskey, General Secretary of Unite.

We do so for a number of reasons (a) to show the systematic campaign mounted by We stand by Israel (300 emails to McCluskey, identical to Akehurst’s); (b) to expose the shallowness of the arguments made by We Stand by Israel; c) to give wider publicity to McCluskey’s cautious and careful response; and (d), since we are mentioned a number of times, to show the kind of distorted campaign being waged against JVL. […]

Ofcom exonerates Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera did not breach any broadcasting rules in its coverage of the pro-Israel lobby in the UK, Britain’s broadcasting regulator has ruled. It seems only fair to publish Al Jazeera’s own report of its vindication!

And also an extract from the report on the relevance or not of the IHRA definition to its investigation which will be of special interest to JVL supporters. […]

Palestine was the issue at Labour Party conference

Palestine was the issue at Labour Party conference argues Asa Winstanley in his latest article in the Electronic Intifada. It was shown in the standing ovation Corbyn got when he called for an “end to the oppression of the Palestinian people” and Israel’s “50-year occupation and illegal settlement expansion.” And the change is reflected in a new spirit of democratic debate at the conference.

“The other major arrival on the scene at this year’s conference”, says Winstanley,”was Jewish Voice for Labour”! We intend to live up to his assessment. […]

Family protest over giving the Del Singh Memorial award to Lousie Ellman MP & the JLM

Here is the official statement tweeted by the Del Singh family at the award of the Del Singh Memorial award to Louise Ellman MP & JLM […]

Bob Pitt on the JLM and the proposed rule change

This article by Bob Pitt was published a few days ago, on 20 September. It was linked to from this website in a posting by Jonathan Rosenhead. But readers have complained that it got lost and should be posted in its own right.

Happy to oblige! […]

The NEC amendment to the disciplinary rules – JVL view

“Contrary to the spin, the NEC amendment agreed this week is NOT the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) amendment” writes Jenny Manson, chair of JVL in an article for LabourList – which for reasons unclear to us they have failed to publish. […]