Statement of Principles

The NEC amendment to the disciplinary rules – JVL view

“Contrary to the spin, the NEC amendment agreed this week is NOT the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) amendment” writes Jenny Manson, chair of JVL in an article for LabourList – which for reasons unclear to us they have failed to publish. […]

Rule changes – a guide for the perplexed

The JLM has claimed a total victory in getting the NEC to accept their proposed rule change in its totality, claiming it is “the precise text that JLM promoted and asked for”. This is simply not true, as Jonathan Rosenhead explains in a careful dissection of a complicated set of amendments. […]

Labour NEC’s proposed rule change on antisemitism etc

Rumours have abounded in the last couple of days as to what rule change the Labour Party NEC would be proposing. Here, from Skwawkbox, would appear to be the definitive answer to that question. […]

Back Hastings & Rye Labour Party rule change

Hastings once stood solid behind a shield wall. Let’s keep solid and ensure we are not defeated this time around Cross-posted from Free Speech on Israel

There are two radically different rule changes on the agenda for Labour Party Conference later in September dealing with alleged antisemitism in the Party. One from the Jewish […]

Report of the Jewish Labour Movement conference

Shlomo Anker gives a mixed report on the annual conference of the Jewish Labour Movement on 3 September. “[Y]ou won’t be surprised to hear that being a Momentum member I felt quite uncomfortable. However there were some positive sessions and overall it was worth going to… […]

Socialist Resistance welcomes the formation of Jewish Voice for Labour

Socialist Resistance is an ecosocialist, feminist, internationalist and revolutionary organisation with a central project of building a broad party of the radical left to address the ongoing crisis of working class representation. It reports here on the context in which JVL is being launched […]

Report on the formation of JVL

Asa Winstanley reports in the Electronic Intifada that Jewish members of the Labour Party have founded a new group, Jewish Voice for Labour. It will launch at the UK main opposition party’s conference in Brighton next month. The new initiative presents a challenge to an existing Israel lobby group that positions itself as the representative of Jewish members of Labour. […]