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Jewish Voice for Labour condemns Donald Trump’s decision

Jewish Voice for Labour condemns in the strongest possible terms Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. As Jeremy Corbyn has said, this move is ‘a reckless threat to peace’. It is also wounding and offensive to all Palestinians. It will hinder all who are working for a just resolution of the conflict under international law, in which Palestinian rights are fully respected…

JVL will be supporting the demonstration outside the US Embassy in London at 5.30 on Friday 8 December and calls on all its members and supporters to support demonstrations and events designed to persuade the United States to abandon this terrifying initiative. […]

Robert A.H.Cohen writes from the the Amos Trust’s 1,000-mile ‘Just Walk to Jerusalem’: “We know we cannot turn back the clock to a time before Balfour. Whatever the second Balfour century looks like it will include Jews and Arabs living on the land.

The question is: will they live as equals and in peace or will they live, as they do today, as oppressed and oppressor?…Our call is simple, but frustratingly it is also highly contentious: Equal rights for all who call the Holy Land home.” […]