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From the archives: The Labour Party’s chequered relationship with Zionism

This article was published in January 2017, before JVL was set up. We’re reprinting it here as a resource.

In it John Newsinger traces the Labour party’s strong commitment to supporting Zionism and how this played out up to the creation of the Israeli state, with a few comments on subsequent developments as criticism of Israel has deepened on the left and pro-Israel forces have responded, increasingly mobilising accusations of antisemitism as a weapon to undermine their opponents. […]

Massive protest against deportations in Tel Aviv – 20,000 on the streets

An evening in which the streets of South Tel Aviv filled with people who stood together – veteran residents of its neighborhoods along with asylum seekers, Jews alongside Arabs, the center with the periphery, Mizrahim together with Ashkenazim – in a huge protest attended by 20,000 people.

Support the organisation Standing Alone as it spearheads resistance against deportation and displacement! […]

Quaker responses to Israel’s blacklist of human-rights organisations

One of the groups on the Israeli government’s banned groups list is a Quaker organisation which won the Nobel prize along with the British Quaker Service Committee for their work rescuing Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazis […]

Israeli imposes a travel ban on members of groups supporting BDS

The Guardian reported yesterday (7th January) that Israel has imposed a travel ban on 20 foreign NGOs over boycott movement.

War on Want responded with forceful statement that this was “a desperate attempt to silence a growing movement that is holding Israel to account for its systematic abuse of Palestinian rights and persistent violations of international law”. […]