Statement of Principles:


No state visit for Donald Trump! Jewish groups speak out.

As groups representing many Jews in Britain we demand that any invitation to Donald Trump to come to the UK on an official visit should be immediately and publicly withdrawn. […]

Combatting antisemitism – an American Jewish perspective

Jews For Racial & Economic Justice is a US group based in New York, inspired by Jewish tradition to fight for a sustainable world with an equitable distribution of economic and cultural resources and political power. It offers a new resource pack, authored by a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, intergenerational team including Black, Mizrahi and white Ashkenazi Jews, to help people think through the meaning and significance of antisemitism today and its relationship to more familiar racisms such as anti-Black racism or Islamophobia. […]

Antisemitism and the far-right today

In a careful and nuanced analysis, first published in April 2017, Rob Ferguson: (1) argues that we face a growing threat of antisemitism from the right, in the context of a general rise in racism, and above all, Islamophobia; (2) examines the charge that a “new antisemitism” has emerged on the left and among Muslims; and (3) looks at the extent and character of antisemitism in the Middle East and among Muslim communities and asks how we should respond. […]

Two Jewish newspapers speak out against Islamophobia in Golders Green

Two important and outspoken articles have appeared in the Jewish Press. Both concern attempts to stop an Islamic centre in the heart of Golders Green. Both rail against the bigotry that underlies this campaign. Hats off to Jewish News which runs a fighting editorial on the matter; and to Stephen Pollard who writes in the Jewish Chronicle in a personal capacity. Let us hope others in the Jewish community join in condemnation of this rampant Islamophobia. […]