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Gaza: The truth in 20 tweets

Norman Finkelstein and Jamie Stern-Weiner present the truth about Gaza in 20 tweets […]

Leon Rosselson on Gaza

A powerful statement on Gaza from singer/songwriter, children’s author and lifelong activist, Leon Rosselson […]

Some Guardian letters on Gaza

A selection of letters published in the Guardian in recent days […]

Labour Party branches and CLPs condemn the massacre in Gaza – model motions

News comes in about responses to the massacre in Gaza. Here are some resolutions that have been adopted – you can adapt them as needed […]

Israeli supporters’ reactions to the massacre in Gaza

Peter Oborne asked some pointed questions of the Board of Deputies of British Jews; Labour Friends of Israel; Joan Ryan MP (chair of the LFI) and Chukka Umunna MP. He also approached Conservative Friends of Israel. But answers came there none…

And David Rosenberg took the Board of Deputies to task in a pointed comment on its press release […]

JVL statement on the massacre in Gaza

Jewish Voice for Labour is appalled at the massacre of dozens of Palestinian protesters in Gaza, and the wounding of thousands by Israeli snipers using live fire and expanding bullets […]

Emergency demo on Gaza

A JVL call – Join the demonstration today, Tuesday 15th May, outside Downing Street from 5.30-7.00pm […]

Jeremy Corbyn speaks out on the Gaza killings

A message from Jeremy Corbyn about the massacres in Gaza was read out at the London demonstration outside Downing Street yesterday, 8th April. Here is the report in the Independent. […]

JVL statement on the massacre in Gaza

JVL statement on the massacre in Gaza

We mourn the deaths of the 16 Palestinians killed and the over fourteen hundred reported wounded by the Israeli Army yesterday, 30th March 2018, when Palestinians’ Land Day coincided with the first day of Passover, our own festival of freedom from oppression. We support the UN Secretary-General’s […]