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Moshé Machover Gains International Support

Fields Medal

In an extraordinary development, an international array of talent has rallied to the support of a retired professor expelled from the British Labour Party. They join the growing ranks of Party members and trade unionists demanding an apology to Professor Moshé Machover for alleging that an article of his was antisemitic; and for an inquiry into the processes that resulted in his expulsion. […]

Julia Bard celebrates Moshé Machover’s reinstatement as a victory for justice and for grass-roots campaigners in the Labour Party against the right wing’s persistent attempts to chip away at the left and to discredit Corbyn by trying to taint them with the accusation of antisemitism: “Ordinary members have discovered that they have the clout to demand that the Labour Party’s structures, officers and representatives act in accordance with its founding principles of socialism, equality, accountability and justice.” […]

After Machover’s reinstatement – moving forward

Following the success of our efforts to get Moshé Machover’s expulsion rescinded, now is the time to broaden our campaign against suspensions and witchhunts in the Labour Party more widely. We urge members to press their branches and CLPs to adopt motions on a range of related issues and will publish any we are notified of on this page. […]

A victory for Moshé Machover

We reproduce the recent exchanges between Moshé Machover and the Labour Party about his reinstatement, which was decided yesterday, 30th October. Judge for yourselves, but the letter from Sam Matthews, Head of Disputes, is grudging to the point of rudeness. There is no apology and he says nothing of substance about the smears of antisemitism which still hang over Machover’s head.

We haven’t heard the last of this case. […]

Jonathan Rosenhead on the Daily Politics show

Jo Coburn is joined by Jonathan Rosenhead and Labour MP Luke Pollard on the Daily Politics programme to discuss the case of Moshé Machover. A 5-minute snippet starting at 45.28 minutes. […]

Moshé Machover’s response to the Labour Party’s legal queries unit

In his response to the legal queries unit of the Labour Party, Moshé Machover highlights the absurdities, ambiguities, non sequiturs and sheer injustices of the accusations leveled against him and the procedures that have been followed. In accord with natural justice he demands that all the evidence against him, including the identity of his accuser/s, be disclosed. And he denies that he is in beach of party rules as claimed. […]

An Open Letter to the Leader of the Labour Party

An open letter to Jeremy Corbyn from over 270 members of the Labour party has been published on the Free Speech on Israel website. [13.10 UPDATE: the number signing has now exceeded 900.] It begins: “We, the undersigned members of the Labour Party, condemn the expulsion of Moshé Machover from our Party. This decision is a political attack on a life-long socialist activist, and a scholar of international renown.” […]

It’s all a bit Orwellian – Camden New Journal diary piece and letter

A generous piece about Moshé Machover appears in John Gulliver’s weekly column in Camden New Journal. Plus: a letter by Richard Kuper, calling for Machover’s expulsion to be rescinded immediately, was prominently displayed in the same issue of this weekly newspaper. It says that if he or anyone else has charges to answer, they should be made clearly and explicitly, and investigated and resolved transparently, in the spirit of Shami Chakrabarti’s Report – and not by a Star Chamber dispensation of summary “justice”. […]

Machover expulsion update

A supplementary expulsion letter from Sam Matthews, Head of Disputes at the Labour Party has “clarified” the grounds for Moshé Machover’ summary expulsion.

He is now being done solely for being in breach of Chapter 2.I.4.B of the Labour Party’s rules. viz. joining or supporting “a political organisation other than an official Labour Group or unit of the Party”. If this is a rule that is to be consistently applied where is the ruling and what is the practice on all the unofficial labour groups so including Compass, Making Votes Matter and Labour Friends of Israel […]

Labour does not need more headlines about antisemitism and Israel

This article is our third or fourth attempt to get something into LabourList. Unfortunately, like the previous ones, it has not found favour, so we are publishing it here.

In a note to us, LabourList editor Peter Edwards writes: “We are open to covering the activities of JVL and I think Len McCluskey puts it well when he says there should be groups to represent all strands of Labour opinion, “left or right”.

We will continue to submit articles on a regular basis and hope one of them makes the cut soon. […]