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Labour bureaucracy hobbles defendants – again

Mike Cushman 24 January 2018

A party member has contacted JVL about the unnecessarily restrictions on how he can be represented at his disciplinary hearing. The party is insisting that defendants can only be represented by fully qualified, and therefore expensive, lawyers. Many, if not most, members cannot afford to pay a lawyer. The […]

JVL letter to the NEC on the Syed Siddiqui Case, a draft motion, and lots of background

We reported on the Siddique case on 29th December. Here we bring it up to date and publish a letter sent by JVL to the Labour Party NEC, background information, and a model resolution to take to branches and GCs. […]

Another grotesque miscarriage of justice – sign the petition

Syed E Siddiq, a British born Bangladeshi and secretary of Ilford South CLP reported an Islamophobic attack on him by another Labour Party member. The result? Siddiq has been suspended and barred from office! And the Party has yet to take any action over the Islamophobic attack on Siddiq.

He is demanding that his suspension, contrary to all principles of natural justice, be reversed immediately. The executive of his Labour branch is supporting him, as is Ilford South CLP Executive Committee .

Please sign the petition in Siddiq’s support. […]

A JVL statement on the Tony Greenstein case

Jewish Voice for Labour is committed both to challenging any antisemitic incidents or statements we encounter in the Labour Party or elsewhere, and to contesting unwarranted allegations of antisemitism. […]

A call for natural justice, due process and transparency in Labour’s disciplinary procedures

Following the debacle over Moshé Machover, expelled then reinstated without apology in a matter of weeks, this article argues for a rapid end to Labour’s arbitrary disciplinary procedures. Machover’s reinstatement must herald wide-scale reform, based on natural jsutice, due process and transparency, in the spirit of Shami Chakrabarti’s Report. […]