Statement of Principles:


Expulsions and Ongoing Suspensions

A Jewish Voice for Labour statement on the unjust and unprofessional way in which complaints and disciplinary actions are being handled in the Labour Party, 20 months after the NEC’s acceptance of the Chakrabarti Report. […]

Democracy Review – Jewish Voice for Labour submission to Momentum

Momentum has invited submissions by members for the Democracy Review. A proposal by Jonathan Rosehead puts forward ideas developed by JVL on the subject of democracy and accountability in Socialist Societies.

Members of Momentum are entitled to nominate this proposal for Momentum to take forward and to comment on it at https://my.peoplesmomentum.com/

We urge you to do so as soon as you can. […]

The Democracy Review – a Hastings and Rye CLP Preamble of Principle

Hastings and Rye CLP has adopted an overarching Preamble to it submissions to the Democracy Review, setting out some essential principles for Labour’s internal party life. It hopes other CLPs will do the same. […]

The Labour Party Democracy Review – a BAME Labour submission

In a submission to the Labour Party, Dr Maddison argues that the Labour Party needs to build an overall strategy to tackle all forms of prejudice, abuse and discrimination in order to set evidence-based priorities and to deal coherently with the issues faced by particular groups. The danger of allegations of racism being politically manipulated must be guarded against by the urgent implementation of the Chakrabarti report recommendations. […]

The Labour Party Democracy Review is currently inviting submissions from party members on BAME Labour, as well as Young Labour and the Labour Party Women’s Conference. Hopefully the position of all affiliated societies will be under consideration in the next phase of the review.

There are some analogies with the odd position of Jewish members of the Labour party, where an affiliated organisation, JLM, speaks as though it is entitled to speak for all Jewish members when in reality you have to be a Zionist to join it (but not, incidentally, Jewish). […]

Shenanigans on Labour’s right

A few days ago the Labour Party launched the Democracy Review. It represents the most significant opportunity to radically transform the structures, culture, and balance of power of the party in modern history.

So we like this story in Skwarkbox which shows the so-called “independent” slate standing candidates in the forthcoming NEC elections is anything but independent, actually feeding its information straight to Progress and Labour First, two organisations that tried strenuously to prevent Jeremy Corbyn becoming Labour leader, that supported the challenge against him and are widely regarded as implacably opposed not only to his leadership, but to the vision and direction of the Labour party under him. […]