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Report of Corbyn’s meeting with Bod/JLC/CST

SKWAWKbox reveals the full Parliamentary labour Party briefing following the leadership’s meeting with the Board of Deputies, Jewish Leadership Council and the Community Security Trust […]

A rise in antisemitism in 2017 – a wake-up call to all antiracists

Antisemitic graffiti on the grounds of a synagogue in Leeds

The Community Security Trust’s 2017 Antisemitic Incidents Report

The Community Security Trust’s 2017 Antisemitic Incidents Report, was published today. It reveals a disturbing increase in antisemitic incidents nationwide in 2017, the highest total CST has ever recorded for a calendar year. The 1,382 incidents […]

A JVL response to the Jewish Chronicle on Labour’s antisemitism

Eli Hazan, a senior official in Israel’s ruling Likud party, recently branded Jeremy Corbyn as an “antisemite”. Michael Whine of the CST, while clear in his rebuttal of Hazan in claiming Corbyn was antisemitic, nonetheless unjustly described him as anti-Israel, and repeated alarmist claims about antisemitism and the Labour Party which are not borne out by the evidence – as is made clear in this JVL open letter. […]

How serious is the threat of antisemitism in Britain today?

In this article, specially written for JVL, Dr Alan Maddison argues that a review of the latest evidence on antisemitism shows that many reports are unnecessarily alarmist. The pro rata risks for assaults are lower for Jewish people than for those from other races or religions. The increase in antisemitic hate crimes reported to the police is around half that reported for other victim groups. And a Jewish person is 50 times more likely to be the victim of a general assault than one motivated by antisemitism. […]