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Sometimes justice is done

The Sunday Telegraph has been made to pay “substantial damages” to the general secretary of Finsbury Park mosque after it falsely portrayed him as a supporter of “violent lslamist extremism” […]

Corbyn, antisemitism and justice for Palestine – two videos

Two videos from the public meeting held on 26th April on Corbyn, antisemitism & justice for Palestine – one of the talk by Jonthan Rosenhead of JVL on Antisemitism, the other of the entire meeting […]

What does the Jewish communal leadership really want?

In the light of yesterday’s meeting, Richard Kuper ask what the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Jewish Leadership Council really want. It clearly isn’t confined to the issue of antisemitism. […]

All out for a Labour victory on 3rd May

Do what you can to ensure a victory for Labour and Jeremy Corbyn!

Consult the newly relaunched Momentum app MyNearestMarginal so you can find your nearest marginal council in the upcoming local elections! […]

More on the Israeli Labor Party

A few days ago we carried a post The demise of the Israeli Labor Party as any kind of progressive force, questioning the credentials of its leader, Avi Gabbay, for making any demands of any kind on Jeremy Corbyn.

Gary Spedding takes the argument further in the piece reproduced below, and calls for a rupture between the Labour Party and the Israeli Labour Party and for the building of relationships with Meretz and the Joint List instead. […]

The demise of the Israeli Labor Party as any kind of progressive force

Latest news is that Israel’s Labor Party leader has suspended ties with Jeremy Corbyn for ‘enabling antisemitism’. We were reminded of an article that appeared in Israel’s radical newspaper +972 last year, focusing on the politics of this leader, Avi Gabbay: his capitulation on secular education, an absolute rejection of ever partnering with Arab Israeli parties, a threat to expel his party’s only Arab MK, his commitment to the settlements, his claim that that his party had chosen liberal values at the expense of Jewish values…

It’s hard to see why any socialist would want to maintain links with such an ethno-nationalist oriented party. Time, surely, for it to be held to account in the Socialist International of which it is a member. […]

Jeremy Corbyn speaks out on the Gaza killings

A message from Jeremy Corbyn about the massacres in Gaza was read out at the London demonstration outside Downing Street yesterday, 8th April. Here is the report in the Independent. […]

Campaign Against Antisemitism? Oh no it doesn’t!

Who are the CAA who have called the antisemitism demo against Corbyn and the Labour Party on Sunday?

First of all, they have nothing whatsoever to say about the spectre which is haunting Europe – the truly alarming rise of major far right, neo-fascist parties across ten countries, yes ten. […]

The destablisation of Labour – and how to resist

Paul Mason has written a valuable article in the New Statesman that makes sense of the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn in terms of a wider agenda […]

A report from the Jewdas seder

Jonah Lipton is a social anthropologist and resident of Hackney, where he experiences a diversity of Jewish life.

He writes in a Times of Israel blog post that “On Monday, walking home from a seder in Islington, I told my friends that the only time I’d felt so Jewish was at my barmitzvah.” […]