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The Skwawkbox has a reputation for breaking Labour Party stories long before anyone else. Here is its view of how the reform of disciplinary procedures under new General Secretary Jennie Formy is likely to go in the coming weeks… […]

Why the arbitrary suspensions and attacks on left-wingers from Labour Party HQ?

What has happened to the “fair and transparent” disciplinary procedures recommended by Shadow Attorney General, Shami Chakrabarti and accepted by the NEC of the Party in July 2016? Naomi-Wimborne Idrissi reports on the disciplinary cases of three very different people with two things in common – they have fallen foul of the Labour Party’s bureaucratic discipline machine and they are leftwing supporters of party leader Jeremy Corbyn. […]

A JVL Statement on the suspension of its Secretary Glyn Secker from the Labour Party – for “antisemitism”!!!

In an extraordinary development, JVL Secretary Glyn Secker, longtime Jewish activist, Executive Committee member and Director of Jews for Justice for Palestinians and captain of the Jewish Boat to Gaza in 2009, has been suspended from membership of the Labour Party. […]

An exceptional opportunity

JVL Statement on the Resignation of Iain McNicol

JVL sees the choice of a new General Secretary as an exceptional opportunity to develop a new, positive and collegiate relationship between the party’s staff, its leadership, the NEC and the mass of members. […]

Labour bureaucracy hobbles defendants – again

Mike Cushman 24 January 2018

A party member has contacted JVL about the unnecessarily restrictions on how he can be represented at his disciplinary hearing. The party is insisting that defendants can only be represented by fully qualified, and therefore expensive, lawyers. Many, if not most, members cannot afford to pay a lawyer. The […]

The great Chakrabarti Report mystery continued…

A few days ago we reported that the Chakrabarti Report has mysteriously vanished from the Labour Party website. Indeed we wrote to all NEC members to ask them about it. Now it is back on the Labour Party website – if you have the ability to find it! Jonathan Rosenhead tells the story… […]

The Lady Vanishes: the Mystery of the Missing Chakrabarti Report

The Chakrabarti Report has mysteriously and without explanation disappeared from the Labour Party’s website.

JVL asks the NEC why? […]

A call for natural justice, due process and transparency in Labour’s disciplinary procedures

Following the debacle over Moshé Machover, expelled then reinstated without apology in a matter of weeks, this article argues for a rapid end to Labour’s arbitrary disciplinary procedures. Machover’s reinstatement must herald wide-scale reform, based on natural jsutice, due process and transparency, in the spirit of Shami Chakrabarti’s Report. […]

Julia Bard celebrates Moshé Machover’s reinstatement as a victory for justice and for grass-roots campaigners in the Labour Party against the right wing’s persistent attempts to chip away at the left and to discredit Corbyn by trying to taint them with the accusation of antisemitism: “Ordinary members have discovered that they have the clout to demand that the Labour Party’s structures, officers and representatives act in accordance with its founding principles of socialism, equality, accountability and justice.” […]

After Machover’s reinstatement – moving forward

Following the success of our efforts to get Moshé Machover’s expulsion rescinded, now is the time to broaden our campaign against suspensions and witchhunts in the Labour Party more widely. We urge members to press their branches and CLPs to adopt motions on a range of related issues and will publish any we are notified of on this page. […]