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More media misrepresentation…

Justin Schlosberg, media activist, lecturer, researcher, takes the BBC and Frankie Boyle to task for “dutifully reinforc[ing] a disinformation narrative that has taken shape over a number of weeks, many of whose architects have surely but a single agenda: to prevent Jeremy Corbyn from leading the Labour Party into another general election.” […]

The narrow-minded bigotry of the former Chief Rabbi

Paul Kelemen expresses the disappointment so many of us feel when a Jewish leader, like Lord Sacks, former Chief Rabbi for 22 years till 2013, makes the BBC’s ‘Thought for the Day’ slot an opportunity for narrow, special pleading for the politics of neo-conservatism, and Jewish self-interest as he perceives it, rather than as a call for the universalism embedded at the heart of Judaism as we know it. […]

David Watson extracts an apology from the BBC

Ten days ago we carried a report BBC’s Emily Maitlis simply assumes that accusations of antisemitism are true

David Watson updates us:

Following the Newsnight programme on 25th January when Emily Maitlis slandered me during her interview with Jon Lansman, I am pleased that my decision to escalate my complaint to the BBC Executive […]

BBC’s Emily Maitlis simply assumes that accusations of antisemitism are true

In an interview with Momentum chief Jon Lansman on Newsnight on 26th January, presenter Emily Maitlis made unfounded allegations against suspended Labour Party member David Watson who has been fighting for justice within the party for more than 20 months. We reproduce here a formal complaint to the BBC, its mealy-mouthed response and a follow-up complaint. […]