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A JVL response to the Jewish Chronicle on Labour’s antisemitism

Eli Hazan, a senior official in Israel’s ruling Likud party, recently branded Jeremy Corbyn as an “antisemite”. Michael Whine of the CST, while clear in his rebuttal of Hazan in claiming Corbyn was antisemitic, nonetheless unjustly described him as anti-Israel, and repeated alarmist claims about antisemitism and the Labour Party which are not borne out by the evidence – as is made clear in this JVL open letter. […]

“How serious is the threat of antisemitism” – revisited

Alan Maddison replies to critics of his analysis, published on this website a week ago, of how serious the threat of antisemitism is in Britain today. Ignoring those who heaped abuse, he rather evaluates the arguments advanced – and finds no need to revise the essentials in his analysis. […]