Statement of Principles:


Moshe Machover – no end in sight

Moshe Machover was arbitrarily and summarily excluded from the Labour Party last October. Within a few weeks outrage at this highhanded action resulted in the retraction of his expulsion. JVL is supporting Machover in his call for the unsubstantiated slur of antisemitism levelled against him to be rescinded, for an apology to be issued, and for an independent inquiry into who was involved in this misuse of Party disciplinary processes. […]

Unscrupulous attacks on JVL in social media

A group that styles itself as Labour Against Antisemitism began its current assault on Jewish Voice for Labour when Saul Freeman appeared opposite Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, a spokesperson for JVL, in a debate on the BBC’s The Big Question. The title was “Does the Left have a problem with antisemitism?” A barrage of defamatory abuse has appeared on social media. It is entirely without foundation and this statement from JVL comprehensively refutes the false accusations. […]

BBC’s Emily Maitlis simply assumes that accusations of antisemitism are true

In an interview with Momentum chief Jon Lansman on Newsnight on 26th January, presenter Emily Maitlis made unfounded allegations against suspended Labour Party member David Watson who has been fighting for justice within the party for more than 20 months. We reproduce here a formal complaint to the BBC, its mealy-mouthed response and a follow-up complaint. […]