Statement of Principles:


All out in Manchester on May 19 counter protest

JVL statement on the Football Lads Alliance – Support May 19 counter-protest in Manchester

Jewish Voice for Labour views with alarm the growth of the Football Lads Alliance (FLA) – the latest incarnation of far-right extremism led by Tommy Robinson. The FLA has a violent, racist core and is a threat to minorities, […]

David Rosenberg speech at the Windrush Generation demonstration

“We are here today because we always stand against injustice, because we know that an attack on one minority is an attack on all and that minorities must stand together to resist” […]

In Memoriam: Altab Ali

The annual Altab Ali commemoration takes place 6pm tonight, Friday 4th May, at Altab Ali Park, Whitechapel Road (corner of White Church Lane), E1 7QR

On the 40th anniversary of the murder of Altab Ali, David Rosenberg looks back at the event, the reactions and what we have learnt from it all. […]

Islamophobia: Still a challenge for us all – a Runnymede Trust Report

In March 2018 the Runnymede Trust released a long report on Islamophobia – 20 years after its path-breaking 1997 report Islamophobia: A Challenge for Us All.

We reproduce its Executive Summary here as a contribution to the wider debate about tackling racism in all its forms in our society, and link to the full report. […]

Labour needs to push back

David Rosenberg argues that the fightback against racism can be spearheaded on 3rd May by electing committed anti-racists and anti-fascists as councillors, from a Labour Party that has unequivocally positioned itself, under its current leadership, as an anti-austerity party. […]

JVL Statement of Solidarity with the Muslim Community

JVL stands in solidarity with all Muslim people in the face of threats to make today, 3rd April, ‘Punish A Muslim Day’.

Join in a human chain in protest and solidarity today.

East London mosque/London Muslim Centre and Tower Hamlets Stand up to Racism are inviting all to join a human chain at 6:15pm today: 82-92 Whitechapel Rd, London E1 1JQ (midway between Aldgate East and Whitechapel tube stations) […]

Saturday 17th March – UN Day of Action Against Racism

Join the Jewish Bloc on Saturday 17th March – the UN Day of Action Against Racism.

There will be marches and rallies in several European cities on that day, expressing opposition to racism and the growing threat of Euro-Fascism.

The march in London assembles in Portland Place from 12 noon and moving off at 1pm. […]

The Labour Party Democracy Review – a BAME Labour submission

In a submission to the Labour Party, Dr Maddison argues that the Labour Party needs to build an overall strategy to tackle all forms of prejudice, abuse and discrimination in order to set evidence-based priorities and to deal coherently with the issues faced by particular groups. The danger of allegations of racism being politically manipulated must be guarded against by the urgent implementation of the Chakrabarti report recommendations. […]

Visiting Auschwitz

David Rosenberg describes movingly the 2017 Unite Against Fascism visit to Auschwitz/Krakow from which he has just returned. It was, he writes, “an immensely powerful, life-affirming experience that provided a chastening reckoning with the past and a confrontation with racism and fascism in the present”. […]