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Marc Wadsworth defends himself against unsubstantiated allegations, now apparently withdrawn…

Marc Wadsworth responds to a Guardian article’s reference to the incident that led to his suspension from the party, which he is will be vigorously contesting at a hearing this month.

Subsequent to this letter, Asa Winstanly published an article in the Electronic Intifada (11 April) under the heading “Labour Israel lobbyist deletes anti-Semitic “conspiracy” claims” […]

Islamophobia: Still a challenge for us all – a Runnymede Trust Report

In March 2018 the Runnymede Trust released a long report on Islamophobia – 20 years after its path-breaking 1997 report Islamophobia: A Challenge for Us All.

We reproduce its Executive Summary here as a contribution to the wider debate about tackling racism in all its forms in our society, and link to the full report. […]

The Polish Bund’s fight for survival and social transformation in 1930s Poland

Bernard Goldstein’s recently translated memoir Twenty Years with the Jewish Labor Bund takes us inside the Jewish Labor Bund’s fight for survival and social transformation in 1930s Poland. The Bund stressed, under its doctrine of “hereness” (doikayt in Yiddish), that the right place for Jews was where they already lived.

Samuel Farber’s review tells the story. […]

The demise of the Israeli Labor Party as any kind of progressive force

Latest news is that Israel’s Labor Party leader has suspended ties with Jeremy Corbyn for ‘enabling antisemitism’. We were reminded of an article that appeared in Israel’s radical newspaper +972 last year, focusing on the politics of this leader, Avi Gabbay: his capitulation on secular education, an absolute rejection of ever partnering with Arab Israeli parties, a threat to expel his party’s only Arab MK, his commitment to the settlements, his claim that that his party had chosen liberal values at the expense of Jewish values…

It’s hard to see why any socialist would want to maintain links with such an ethno-nationalist oriented party. Time, surely, for it to be held to account in the Socialist International of which it is a member. […]

Letters to the Guardian

We lead this selection of letters, as did the Guardian, with a disingenuous letter from the Israeli ambassador, Mark Regev. Two responses a few days later took it apart. Also, a selection of others that the Guardian published. Another, with over 600 signatures, has yet to appear…. […]

Antisemitism and the labour movement

In a nuanced presentation that may ruffle feathers, David Feldman and Brendan McGeever argue that the political culture of the left has long been a source of antisemitism, and for the need of the Labour Party leadership to face up to this. But they also believe that the alertness of the Jewish community, especially its leaders, to antisemitism in Britain should lead them to support anti-racist campaigns more generally.

We expect readers will agree with some parts of this article and will want to dispute others. Please post thoughtful comments so we all can learn from the exchanges. […]

It could have been a whole lot worse!

The Jewish Chronicle has recognised our existence! Forget the errors and distortions in the article and praise the Lord […]

Jeremy Corbyn speaks out on the Gaza killings

A message from Jeremy Corbyn about the massacres in Gaza was read out at the London demonstration outside Downing Street yesterday, 8th April. Here is the report in the Independent. […]

Labour needs to push back

David Rosenberg argues that the fightback against racism can be spearheaded on 3rd May by electing committed anti-racists and anti-fascists as councillors, from a Labour Party that has unequivocally positioned itself, under its current leadership, as an anti-austerity party. […]

What has been going on?

Interesting and provocative analyses of the current onslaught on Corbyn and the Labour party continue to appear. We give short extracts from three of them, by Richard Seymour, Mark Mazower and Mike McNair, with links to the full articles. […]