Statement of Principles:


Statement of Principles

Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL) is a network for Jewish members of the Labour Party.

Our political priorities are universal human rights and dignity; justice for all; freedom of expression; and democracy in the Labour Party.

Our mission is to contribute to making the Labour Party an open, democratic and inclusive party, encouraging all ethnic groups and cultures to join and participate freely. As such we aim to strengthen the party in its opposition to all forms of racism including antisemitism, broadening the party’s appeal to all sections of British society. We take inspiration from the long history of Jewish involvement in the socialist and trade-union movements and in antiracist and antifascist struggles, including the anti-apartheid and civil-rights movements.

We stand for rights and justice for Jewish people everywhere, and against wrongs and injustice to Palestinians and other oppressed people anywhere. We uphold the right of supporters of justice for Palestinians to engage in solidarity activities, such as Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions. We oppose attempts to widen the definition of antisemitism beyond its meaning of hostility towards or discrimination against Jews as Jews.

At a time of profound divisions in Jewish communities, JVL offers a space to explore and debate the many questions (personal, social, cultural, political) that are important to us as progressive Labour Jews.

We will work where appropriate with existing groups involved with issues of common concern from an internationalist and anti-racist perspective.

28 July 2017



5 comments to Statement of Principles

  • David Smith

    As a goy and a member of the Green Party I welcome the formation of JVL. I believe your values reflect those of all the Jews I have met personally. A united labour party is essential to counter the extreme version of capitalism encourage by the Tories. I fail to see how this can be achieved if the party panders to the views of those who assert that destructive actions of the Israeli government and settlers should be immune from the kind of criticism that any democratic state should expect. I hope you build good relations with the Jewish Voice for Peace in the USA.

  • […] right stand in opposition to Jewish members of the Labour party who have formed a new organisation, Jewish Voice for Labour, which offers an alternative to the JLM’s pro-Israel agenda. JVL is supporting an alternative […]

  • John and Lucy Stubbs

    As people whose Jewish roots are old and dried out, we applaud JVL’s courage and humanity in confronting this difficult issue head on in public. it is dangerous to give free passage to an increasingly theocratic state which oppresses its minorities; Myanmar and Turkey come to mind, and Israel should not be exempt.from comment or criticism because of the oppression Jews have suffered at the hands of many regimes. It is particularly important that the Labour Party should not be silenced in its support for the victims of unjust treatment, whether at home or abroad. It is a great part of Corbyn’s appeal that he is reluctant to do politics-as-usual in this and other matters; to undermine him on this would be a cynical victory for bad old politics.
    John and Lucy Stubbs

  • Steven Mendoza

    I am a member of JVL and I am grateful for the enterprise, articulacy and determination that has founded the movement. Not only is Israel’s treatment of Arabs shameful to a Jew but, pragmatically, it makes antisemites of the Muslims who have previously offered Abrahamic brotherhood to the Jews.

  • Anne Marr

    I am Jewish by descent. Criticising Israeli Government policy is NOT anti-semitic! I am an ordinary member of the Labour Party, writing on my own behalf, snd not on behalf of any other individual or group. I was shocked to disccover recently that there are moves to brand anyone who isn’t pro-Zionist as antisemitic! There are reports about Jeremy Corbyn supporting a change to Labour rules re anti-semitism. I am deeply opposed to REAL antisemitism and all forms of predjudice and discrimination. I am deeply opposed to discriminating against Labour members who are not pro-Zionist. The “Jewish Labour Movement” website says it hopes the change to Party rules agreed by Jeremy Corbyn will be accepted by thevNEC. Has the FINAL wording of the proposed change been published? What is that wording. The Jewish Labour movement website suggests that they are fighting people who are anyisemitic and holocaust deniers. If they are applying this description to anyone who is not pro-Zionist, this is outrageous!

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