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An open letter to Prince William, before his Middle East trip

Robert Cohen writes to Prince William: “Much better to stay home with Kate and help look after the new baby…[But] if you have to go to Israel don’t just be a post-Brexit salesman for UK Plc. Make it count by getting informed and bring that learning back home…” […]

Where are all the BME councillors?

This article was published immediately after the General Election in June. It is still highly relevant.

Runnymede Communications Manager Lester Holloway, writing in a personal capacity, contrasted the rise in MPs with black and ethnic minority backgrounds to more than 50 with the picture in local politics. Ethnic minority councillors barely make up 4 per cent, while BME people make up 14 percent of the population. Council chambers remain stubbornly stuck in the past. Elected members are overwhelmingly white, male and retired.

Time for a radical change! What is Labour doing about it? […]

Highlighting JCore’s work with refugees

The latest mailing from the Jewish Council for Racial Equality (JCore) to its supporters has just arrived. Many JVL signatories have probably seen it but for those who haven’t we reproduce most of here – mainly about responding to the crisis in Calais, with the third phase of its Let the Children In! campaign about to be launched, an appeal for Coats4Calais, and an invitation to a special screening of Sue Clayton’s inspiring film Calais Children – a case to answer. […]

No state visit for Donald Trump! Jewish groups speak out.

As groups representing many Jews in Britain we demand that any invitation to Donald Trump to come to the UK on an official visit should be immediately and publicly withdrawn. […]