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The perils of social media

In this article Simon Jenkins is in no doubt about the destructive, corrosive nature of online abuse and the need to stamp it out. But rather than jumping to instant conclusions he stresses that we do not know who is posting the abuse or even if “they are orchestrated or just a bunch of thugs”. His call for deleting from social media anything that “the reader, or at least some moderator, cannot identify” should be seriously considered. […]

Why don’t the media find virulent, vile abuse on righ-wing sites? Answer: they don’t bother to look.

To assist the mainstream media, the author has “compiled a selection of online hate for them, most of which I gathered in less than an hour by searching Conservative affiliated pages, and putting out a call on twitter”. […]

The truth about Corbyn supporters’ Facebook groups

In response to a statement JVL issued yesterday on antisemitism in Facebook groups we are delighted to publish this correction and extended analysis of what actually goes on in Corbyn supporting Facebook groups and how they are moderated. […]

Searching for the truth about on-line abuse allegations

In 2016, Ruth Smeeth claimed to have received 25,000 abusive messages. Did anyone bother to verify this? Alan Maddison shows why it is implausible and, given the serious electoral and reputational consequences for the Labour Party, calls for an urgent investigation. […]

Israel’s new refuseniks. Support them – and support +972, the magazine of the social movements

+972, Israel’s magazine of the social movements, reports on the sixty-three Israeli teenagers who published an open letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu on Thursday, declaring their refusal to join the Israeli army due to their opposition to the occupation.

Support +972’s financial appeal and help it carry on with its excellent investigative journalism. […]