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Guardian denies space to 650+ Labour Party members challenging hostile media coverage

The Guardian has refused to publish a letter submitted over a week ago challenging hostile media coverage of the Labour Party, even though it attracted more than 650 signatures from party members in barely 24 hours […]

The destablisation of Labour – and how to resist

Paul Mason has written a valuable article in the New Statesman that makes sense of the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn in terms of a wider agenda […]

The Jewish Chronicle reacts to that Jewdas seder

Credit where credit is due. In publishing this article by Charlotte Nichols even the Jewish Chronicle seems to realise the disaster of the Board of Deputies’ attack on Jewdas.

But don’t get carried away. In his JC Comment blog, also reproduced here, the editor of the JC, soon puts us right… They just can’t acknowledge they got anything wrong! […]

Why don’t the media find virulent, vile abuse on righ-wing sites? Answer: they don’t bother to look.

To assist the mainstream media, the author has “compiled a selection of online hate for them, most of which I gathered in less than an hour by searching Conservative affiliated pages, and putting out a call on twitter”. […]

A closer look at the “exposure” in the Sunday Times

Glyn Secker shows the extremely flimsy nature of the Sunday Times “exposure” of antisemitism in Facebook groups supporting Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party. It really doesn’t stack up at all! […]

Letters to the Guardian

A letter to the Guardian signed by more than forty academics who say: “‘We condemn journalism that so blatantly lacks context, perspective and a meaningful range of voices in its determination to condemn Jeremy Corbyn.”

Followed by some letters that were published on 30 March. […]

The truth about Corbyn supporters’ Facebook groups

In response to a statement JVL issued yesterday on antisemitism in Facebook groups we are delighted to publish this correction and extended analysis of what actually goes on in Corbyn supporting Facebook groups and how they are moderated. […]

A time to speak out

A personal statement and analysis by Justin Schlosberg, activist and media expert. A short letter to the Guardian was not published, so this longer piece was produced for the Medium website. The author discusses how reasoned discussion – and effective action against antisemitism – is being hampered by “a climate of hysteria and repression fostered by Westminster, the media, and the right-wing Jewish lobby”. […]

Jewish News – exclusive interview with Jeremy Corbyn

In the wake of the Jewish community’s unprecedented ‘Enough Is Enough’ protest against Labour anti-Semitism, Jewish News sat down with the party leader to discuss all the key issues of concern that drove more than 1,500 people to demonstrate outside Parliament this week. […]

The making of a moral panic

Jonathan Cook, blogging from Nazareth, asks why the Mear One mural has roused such venom now. The story was reported by the Jewish Chronicle back in 2015, when it suggested that the mural might have “antisemitic undertones”. No-one followed up the story which died a death…

The mural may well be antisemitic, but what has changed to make something that might have had “antisemitic overtones” a couple of years ago, into something that is “obviously antisemitic”? As Cook’s headline puts it: ‘The sharks circling around Corbyn scent blood’. […]