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JVL letter to the NEC on the Syed Siddiqui Case, a draft motion, and lots of background

We reported on the Siddique case on 29th December. Here we bring it up to date and publish a letter sent by JVL to the Labour Party NEC, background information, and a model resolution to take to branches and GCs. […]

The Labour Party Democracy Review – a BAME Labour submission

In a submission to the Labour Party, Dr Maddison argues that the Labour Party needs to build an overall strategy to tackle all forms of prejudice, abuse and discrimination in order to set evidence-based priorities and to deal coherently with the issues faced by particular groups. The danger of allegations of racism being politically manipulated must be guarded against by the urgent implementation of the Chakrabarti report recommendations. […]

Why does Labour need a Jewish voice?

JVL member Stephen Marks writes that Labour has a number of recognised internal structures to reflect and represent the priorities of different self-defined minority groups among its members: BAME, Labour Party Irish Society, LGBT Labour…

But there is no equivalent structure for members who identify as Jewish. The ‘Jewish Labour Movement’, an affiliated Socialist Society, is treated as if it were the equivalent body for members who identify as Jewish. But, he points out, it is no such thing. […]

Another grotesque miscarriage of justice – sign the petition

Syed E Siddiq, a British born Bangladeshi and secretary of Ilford South CLP reported an Islamophobic attack on him by another Labour Party member. The result? Siddiq has been suspended and barred from office! And the Party has yet to take any action over the Islamophobic attack on Siddiq.

He is demanding that his suspension, contrary to all principles of natural justice, be reversed immediately. The executive of his Labour branch is supporting him, as is Ilford South CLP Executive Committee .

Please sign the petition in Siddiq’s support. […]

The great Chakrabarti Report mystery continued…

A few days ago we reported that the Chakrabarti Report has mysteriously vanished from the Labour Party website. Indeed we wrote to all NEC members to ask them about it. Now it is back on the Labour Party website – if you have the ability to find it! Jonathan Rosenhead tells the story… […]

The Lady Vanishes: the Mystery of the Missing Chakrabarti Report

The Chakrabarti Report has mysteriously and without explanation disappeared from the Labour Party’s website.

JVL asks the NEC why? […]

The Labour Party Democracy Review is currently inviting submissions from party members on BAME Labour, as well as Young Labour and the Labour Party Women’s Conference. Hopefully the position of all affiliated societies will be under consideration in the next phase of the review.

There are some analogies with the odd position of Jewish members of the Labour party, where an affiliated organisation, JLM, speaks as though it is entitled to speak for all Jewish members when in reality you have to be a Zionist to join it (but not, incidentally, Jewish). […]