Statement of Principles:


The Skwawkbox has a reputation for breaking Labour Party stories long before anyone else. Here is its view of how the reform of disciplinary procedures under new General Secretary Jennie Formy is likely to go in the coming weeks… […]

Campaign for Labour Party Democracy statement

The Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD) stands fully in support of Jeremy Corbyn and against the unjust attacks that are being made on him and the Labour Party. […]

The Morning Star reports on yesterday’s events

JEWISH socialists condemned two large “unrepresentative” Jewish organisations today for their “flimsy accusations” of anti-semitism against Jeremy Corbyn.

A report from Morning Star reporter Lamiat Sabin. […]

Jewish Socialists’ Group statement

The Jewish Socialists’ Group expresses its serious concern at the rise of antisemitism, especially under extreme right wing governments in central and Eastern Europe, in America under Donald Trump’s Presidency and here in Britain under Theresa May’s premiership. The recent extensive survey by the highly respected Jewish Policy Research confirmed that the main repository of antisemitic views in Britain is among supporters of the Conservative Party and UKIP. […]

A JVL-inspired comment on antisemitism and the Labour Party

Richard Kuper, a member of the JVL Steering Group, was invited to appear in a personal capacity on The Real News Network, a non-profit, viewer-supported daily video-news and documentary service operating out of Baltimore and Toronto.

In this interview he discusses issues relating to Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party, antisemitism and more. […]

Why the arbitrary suspensions and attacks on left-wingers from Labour Party HQ?

What has happened to the “fair and transparent” disciplinary procedures recommended by Shadow Attorney General, Shami Chakrabarti and accepted by the NEC of the Party in July 2016? Naomi-Wimborne Idrissi reports on the disciplinary cases of three very different people with two things in common – they have fallen foul of the Labour Party’s bureaucratic discipline machine and they are leftwing supporters of party leader Jeremy Corbyn. […]

Letter to Sam Mathews about Glyn Secker’s suspension

This letter, signed by over a hundred Labour Party members, was sent to Sam Mathews, Head of Disputes, before Glyn Secker’s suspension was rescinded. Congratulations to those who got it together and endorsed it at short notice. The supension may have been lifted, but here is the letter for the record. […]

A great victory

No apology, no withdrawal of the allegations of antisemitism – but a great victory as Sam Mathews lift’s Glyn Secker’s “administrative suspension”!

From: Legal Queries <legal_queries@labour.org.uk> To: Glyn Secker Sent: Monday, 12 March 2018, 11:40:20 GMT Subject: Correspondance on behalf of the Labour Party

Dear Mr Secker

Please find attached correspondence relating to your […]

Support Glyn Secker against his outrageous suspension – suggested motions

A draft model resolution from JVL: “Emergency Motion: Rescind suspension of secretary of Jewish Voice for Labour”.

Plus reports of other resolutions adopted on Glyn Secker’s suspension, Labour’s disciplinary procedures, and the need for the urgent implementation of the recommendations of the Chakrabarti Report. […]

More on the background to Glyn Secker’s suspension

Asa Winstanley of Lobby Watch takes up the story of Glyn Secker’s suspension from the Labour Party, which we have decribed as “an absurd, politically motivated attack on our secretary and our organisation”. […]