Statement of Principles:


Democracy Review – Jewish Voice for Labour submission to Momentum

Momentum has invited submissions by members for the Democracy Review. A proposal by Jonathan Rosehead puts forward ideas developed by JVL on the subject of democracy and accountability in Socialist Societies.

Members of Momentum are entitled to nominate this proposal for Momentum to take forward and to comment on it at https://my.peoplesmomentum.com/

We urge you to do so as soon as you can. […]

Moshe Machover – no end in sight

Moshe Machover was arbitrarily and summarily excluded from the Labour Party last October. Within a few weeks outrage at this highhanded action resulted in the retraction of his expulsion. JVL is supporting Machover in his call for the unsubstantiated slur of antisemitism levelled against him to be rescinded, for an apology to be issued, and for an independent inquiry into who was involved in this misuse of Party disciplinary processes. […]

Discussion and book launch on Antisemitism in central London on 28th February

A meeting in central London, organised by JVL.

Come along for a grown-up discussion on antisemitism, to reclaim the fight against antisemitism as a left wing, anti-racist cause and to consider the question of anti-Zionism and antisemitism, intersections between antisemitism and other racisms and the complexities of being a majority group in one state and a minority everywhere else. […]

Unscrupulous attacks on JVL in social media

A group that styles itself as Labour Against Antisemitism began its current assault on Jewish Voice for Labour when Saul Freeman appeared opposite Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, a spokesperson for JVL, in a debate on the BBC’s The Big Question. The title was “Does the Left have a problem with antisemitism?” A barrage of defamatory abuse has appeared on social media. It is entirely without foundation and this statement from JVL comprehensively refutes the false accusations. […]

Why does Labour need a Jewish voice? – Part 2

In this concluding part of this article Stephen Marks develops his views as to why Labour needs a Jewish voice and what our aims and priorities should be. […]

JVL letter to the NEC on the Syed Siddiqui Case, a draft motion, and lots of background

We reported on the Siddique case on 29th December. Here we bring it up to date and publish a letter sent by JVL to the Labour Party NEC, background information, and a model resolution to take to branches and GCs. […]

Comedy with Mark Thomas and two Palestinians from Jenin

In 2018 Mark takes his recent attempt to set up a comedy club in a refugee camp in Palestine and turns it into a performance with two of the aspiring Palestinian comics, Fasial and Alaa. Showtime From The Frontline is the story of trying to be yourself in a place where everyone wants to put you in a box. It’s funny and surprising and it’s not like anything else you’ll see this year. Directed by Red Shed’s Joe Douglas, the tour starts on 30 January in Hove then tours the country before ending up for 11 days in London (Stratford East). […]

Jewish News: Fascinating interview with Len McCluskey

Hats off to Stephen Oryszczuk, Foreign editor of Jewish News for this lengthy, probing and insightful interview with Len McCluskey, General Secretary of Unite the Union. It ranges widely, from Trump’s Jerusalem embassy announcement, Britain’s role, talking to Hamas, Priti Patel, Ken Livingstone and more to an extended discussion about antisemitism and the Labour Party, and BDS.

And there’s a hat-tip towards JVL: “Suddenly, his face comes alive. ‘Now, Jewish Voice for Labour, which only formed at the recent Labour Party conference – I’m very, very attracted to dealing with them…'”

Read all about it! […]

Moshé Machover – an interview

In an international campaign organised to defend Moshé Machover by Science for the People , several important political questions emerged. In this wide-ranging interview with Machover some of these are explored: How to understand the debates and manoeuvers within the Labour Party? What is the history of Palestine solidarity activism within Labour? Why is Machover himself such a red rag to those who support Israel? […]

How serious is the threat of antisemitism in Britain today?

In this article, specially written for JVL, Dr Alan Maddison argues that a review of the latest evidence on antisemitism shows that many reports are unnecessarily alarmist. The pro rata risks for assaults are lower for Jewish people than for those from other races or religions. The increase in antisemitic hate crimes reported to the police is around half that reported for other victim groups. And a Jewish person is 50 times more likely to be the victim of a general assault than one motivated by antisemitism. […]