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The narrow-minded bigotry of the former Chief Rabbi

Paul Kelemen expresses the disappointment so many of us feel when a Jewish leader, like Lord Sacks, former Chief Rabbi for 22 years till 2013, makes the BBC’s ‘Thought for the Day’ slot an opportunity for narrow, special pleading for the politics of neo-conservatism, and Jewish self-interest as he perceives it, rather than as a call for the universalism embedded at the heart of Judaism as we know it. […]

Jewdas – a voice from within

In this article published in openDemocracyUK from where we gratefully crosspost it, Rob Abrams gives a personal account of what Jewdas has meant for him, providing that Jewish spiritual home he could no longer find in the mainstream Jewish world he had grown up in. […]

A report from the Jewdas seder

Jonah Lipton is a social anthropologist and resident of Hackney, where he experiences a diversity of Jewish life.

He writes in a Times of Israel blog post that “On Monday, walking home from a seder in Islington, I told my friends that the only time I’d felt so Jewish was at my barmitzvah.” […]

The Jewish Chronicle reacts to that Jewdas seder

Credit where credit is due. In publishing this article by Charlotte Nichols even the Jewish Chronicle seems to realise the disaster of the Board of Deputies’ attack on Jewdas.

But don’t get carried away. In his JC Comment blog, also reproduced here, the editor of the JC, soon puts us right… They just can’t acknowledge they got anything wrong! […]

Jewdas give an account of themsleves

We’re delighted to cross-post this article from Comment is Free, delighted that Jewdas is getting a mass hearing for its views, activities and irreverancies, delighted at the sprit of it all.

For an article posted just over 3 hours ago to have already been shared over 5,000 times it must have got something right! […]

Corbyn attend a Jewdas seder – and the sky falls in

So Jeremy Corby attended a seder organised by Jewdas, which describes itself as “radical voices for the alternative diaspora”. And the sky falls in and the Twittersphere goes into meltdown…

Enough is enough […]

Videos from JVL’s rally in Parliament Square

On 26 March the Board of Deputies and the Jewish Leadership Council displayed their selective outrage in Parliament Square launching, with the support of Tories and too many Labour MPs, an attack on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.

They have never displayed such concern about antisemitism in any other party or about the far […]

A time to speak out

A personal statement and analysis by Justin Schlosberg, activist and media expert. A short letter to the Guardian was not published, so this longer piece was produced for the Medium website. The author discusses how reasoned discussion – and effective action against antisemitism – is being hampered by “a climate of hysteria and repression fostered by Westminster, the media, and the right-wing Jewish lobby”. […]

Jewish members of the Haringey Labour parties speak out

The letter here has been signed by several Jewish members of the Haringey Labour parties and submitted to the Guardian “Opinion is free” page and to the Jewish Chronicle [on 27th March].

It seems not to have been published. […]

Enough already!

Jewdas is not renowned for the respect it pays to the elders of the Jewish community. Respect where it is due seems to be its watchword – and it doesn’t find much to respect.

But make up your own mind… […]