Statement of Principles:


Become an Ecumenical Accompanier in Palestine and Israel

“We believe that everyone can take action to help end the occupation and bring about a just peace for both Palestinians and Israelis. We need a movement of people who can take action for peace. Will you join us? ” […]

Israeli Apartheid Week 2018 – a call to Jewish students

Robert A.H.Cohen writes:

If you think we have an obligation to remember our homeland while Palestinians should be encouraged to forget theirs – that’s racism.

If you think our Jewish ‘right of return’, after two thousand years’ absence is sacred and undeniable, but the right of return for Palestinians, and their descendants, who fled their homes in 1948 is illegitimate – that’s racism.

If you memorialise atrocities carried out against the Jewish people throughout our history but downplay or dismiss the Palestinian Nakba – that’s racism.

If you think Jewish national self-determination is an incontestable right but Palestinian national self-determination must be negotiated and offered only as a ‘reward for good behaviour’– that’s racism. […]

An interview with Robert Cohen

Huw Spanner interviews blogger Robert Cohen for the Church Times:

In particular, [Cohen] is calling for Churches to commit to “costly solidarity” with the Palestinian people. Among his prescriptions is “refusing to allow your local Jewish communal leadership to set the boundaries of permissible debate on Israel”.

“Jewish-Christian dialogue is about to go through the wringer,” he warned, in a blog earlier this year. “Long-standing relationships with Jewish neighbours and clerical colleagues will deteriorate long before they can be rebuilt with new foundations. . . It means you will be branded Israel haters. You will be branded anti-Semitic.” […]

Letters to the Jewish Chronicle

JVL wrote a letter to the editor complaining about the defamatory, vindictive and unsubstantiated piece by Miriam Shaviv Corbyn should not have been asked to light the Chanukiah in last week’s Jewish Chronicle. Anthony Isaacs wrote another, asking the JC to take up the passionate concern of so many in the Jewish community with rapidly increasing homelessness, child poverty and underfunding of public services with “no less tenacity than it does the constant pursuit of antisemitism”. David Rosenberg also wrote that “We know that since Corbyn was first elected here in 1983 he has built excellent relationships with Jewish constituents and organisations, as he has done with other local minority communities, and he has played an exemplary role in encouraging those communities to support each other locally.”

None were published and we reproduce them here. […]

JVL statement in support of Israel’s new refuseniks

We in Jewish Voice for Labour send our support and solidarity to the 63 Israeli teenagers who have this week refused to be conscripted into the Israeli army: “We have decided not to take part in the occupation and oppression of the Palestinian people. The ‘temporary’ situation has dragged on for 50 years, and we will not go on lending a hand.”

JVL welcomes their refusal – the latest in a long line of refusals since Israel’s imperial expansion in 1967 – and applauds their courage. The scale of refusal is telling, as is the clear political message that these teenagers are articulating. We give them all our full support and call on others – particularly in the Jewish community in Britain and in the Labour Party, both of which we are part of – to do likewise. […]

Our history – an occasional series

David Rosenberg writes:

On the JVL statement of principles it says: “We take inspiration from the long history of Jewish involvement in the socialist and trade union movements and in anti-racist and anti-fascist struggles…”, so here is a little slice of history. Be inspired. […]

A graphic account of the moral bankruptcy of the leadership of the American Jewish community

Eli Valley is an American cartoonist/polemicist who often leaves Steve Bell looking timid by comparison. Coming from the heart of the American Jewish community, whose leadership rounds on its critics with remorseless intensity, Valley has responded with a quiet fury of his own. Now read on! […]

The politics of the UJS (Union of Jewish Students)

Joseph Findlay reports on the recent elections in the overwhelmingly Zionist Union of Jewish Students where, last year and this, non-Zionist candidates have run (and lost). Their very existence – with Jewdas having created space in recent years for radical Jews to meet, practice Judaism, and organise politically together – has put squarely on the agenda the question of what being Jewish means today.

David Davidi-Brown, CEO of the UJS, responds. He doesn’t see it that way at all. […]

Revolutionary Yiddishland – a review

A review by Elfi Pallis, published in The Political Quarterly, Vol 88, No 4, Ot-Dec 2017

“This rich and poignant and often enthralling record traces the Yiddishland revolutionaries from their East European roots through the years of hope and struggle and hideous crimes to the heroic anti-Nazi resistance and beyond, with fascinating asides on Spain and Palestine. There are many lessons for today.” – Noam Chomsky […]

Happy Chanukah to all!